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  • Your Vagina and 7 Self Loving Ways to It Happpy
    When did having a vagina that smelled and tasted like Bubbilicious Bubblegum become the standard and expectation to get properly serviced? Got women out here walking around with cartons of pineapple juice, no draws and false hope. Ladies, vaginas smell. Men, vaginas smell. And… They produce […]
  • Natural Hair in the Corporate World and Acceptance in American Culture
    My natural hair journey was a struggle when it came to accepting my kinky curls and develop a relationship with them. It’s not as simple as getting up one day and deciding, “Yes! Today is the day I wear my curly crown and put my middle fingers up!” It’s so much deeper than that, it’s psychological, […]
  • culture fuzz elf careSelf Care and 5 Powerful Ways to Enhance Your Daily Practice
    First, I think it’s important to know what ‘self-care’ is… There is no definitive approach and it works more as a ‘one size fits all’ sort of philosophy. Self-care is ultimately done by YOU for YOU. It’s identifying and acknowledging your own needs mentally, […]
  • The Pill Club Culture FuzzThe Pill Club and 6 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up
    (DISCLAIMER: This post is specifically about birth control. This has nothing to do with your actual health and  I 100% encourage at least an annual check up every single year for medical maintenance and prevention.) A lot of you by now have probably heard of this convenient little online service […]
  • 4 Things to Be Grateful For4 Simple and Powerful Things to Be Grateful For (Beginners)
    Grateful? I know. It can be kind of difficult figuring out how to be thankful and what to be thankful for sometimes. Especially now when times are really questionable and hard to feel safe. But it’s an obligation that you have to yourself to hold on to the things that are good. The things […]


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