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When Your Stuck in a Rut and You Can’t Get Out the Funk

In a rut?

Some random funk?

Like… Outta nowhere?

Yep, I know what you’re going through.

Being the first to admit that life changes are going to happen I feel I can be real. The unknown is really terrifying.

Like, bat shit crazy scary. Or is that just a mindset?

Becoming used to our routine, nestled down in the little nest we’ve build for ourselves, hanging around the same people, doing the same things over and over because it feels ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’. A rut.

It’s all a sure thing. Predictable. Safe.

Kinda like not wanting to get out of bed in the morning because you’re in the ultimate blanket burrito and don’t want to feel the cold once those covers whip back. (Um, Guilty!! *raises hand*)



Developing and learning more about oneself requires a shift in mindset.

Yikes. What does that mean? It means thinking different to achieve different results.

Getting out of our funks or ruts isn’t always that easy. If we let it, the negative talk can become so loud it overcomes the positive talk.

All of the great entrepreneurs in the world have a lot of common philosophies that go back for years and one of them is:

The things, people and situations in our live are a reflection of our mindset

There is a possibility we might need to separate ourselves those people and situations that are get in the way of growth or self awareness no matter how uncomfortable or unexpected it might be.

Me? I still take the easy road. I don’t like doing the hard work. But I know I HAVE to change that.

I’m no sure where that kind of thought process came from but I know that if I don’t change my way of thinking which will ultimately change my habits, there’s no way I’m going to achieve any sort of goal that I set for myself.

Are you content with not growing or challenging yourself? If you are cool. Let this post entertain your thoughts without any sort of commitment from you.

If you’re not okay with it, might it be time to make certain changes? Maybe.

I’m restless now. Restless with my every day routine. Restless with being stagnant. Hoping for success but not doing anything to go get it. That sentence doesn’t even make sense.

Opportunity will come right? No wonder it feels like a rut.

Change is HARD but it’s entirely up to YOU to make decisions for yourself. How you view yourself makes all the difference in your state of being. The awesome news, is that it’s possible and we have all the tools in the world to start the journey in self healing and really knowing your worth.

These ruts will happen. But your faith in knowing those difficult moment will pass makes the difference between success and failure.

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