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The Pill Club and 6 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up

(DISCLAIMER: This post is specifically about birth control. This has nothing to do with your actual health and  I 100% encourage at least an annual check up every single year for medical maintenance and prevention.)

A lot of you by now have probably heard of this convenient little online service called ‘The Pill Club’.

If not…

Let me tell you then.

Actually, I will tell you how I stumbled upon this service first. It will lead to who and what they do… promise…

I was literally on my last week of my last pack of birth control and I hated the brand I was taking. I was dragging my ass to call in a refill because

1) I had to go see my doctor to renew my prescription

2) I really really hated the brand I was taking at the time.

So there I was procrastinating on my adulthood duties when I slow scrolled past a sponsored post by a company called ‘The Pill Club‘ on Instagram. They were a brand spanking new company. Not many reviews online, not the biggest following either but there were a few things that really caught my attention.

1. Doctor’s Appointment or Prescription are NOT Required

That’s right.

All my lazy butt had to do was fill out a form on their website. Give them my insurance information and I didn’t even have to type all of that stuff in. They let me take a picture of the front and back of my insurance card and they handled the rest.

The same approach with payment as well. Just take a photo of the front and back of your card and The Pill Club has it handled.

2. They Have their Own Licensed Nurses on Staff

Oh yah, that part about not needing a prescription.

What’s really neat is they have their own certified nurses on staff that have the licensing to prescribe these contraceptives. So you have the option of uploading the one you typically get from your primary physician or you can request that they write one for you.

100% legit.

3. You Can Request the Specific Brand You Like

I really like Microgestin. I had been on it for years but then I changed jobs which changed my insurance and I could not find any pharmacy under my plan that could fill it. Let alone find it. My body is really sensitive to the extra hormones and I had tried a few brands up until that point and Microgestin was the only one that didn’t give me side effects.

And BAM! They we’re like OK! No problem!

Just a note, they do disclaim that they will see if they are able to fill any specific brand that you ask for or they will do their best to find the best substitute for it.


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4. You Don’t Need Insurance

We’ve all been between jobs where our insurance lapsed and we had to utilize other resources to tend to our health. If you don’t know, birth control is something that needs to be taken every single day at the same exact time in order for it to work how it’s supposed too. So it doesn’t care that there’s a gap in  your insurance. Or if you have any at all.

Not to worry though. The Pill Club really worked with me and let me know via text that they weren’t able to verify my insurance but they can send me one month’s supply for only $15.00. Girl! That was definitely something that I could easily afford while I was in between jobs.

5. They Communicate via Text Message

That’s right. No direct human interaction at all. Unless you need to call them of course. But you can text them with simple questions or inquire about your order/account and they will respond back in a couple of days.

6. They Give You Chocolate

Yes, in every single order they give you piece of chocolate to help satisfy those monthly cravings.

Need I say more?

I have been using The Pill Club as my contraceptive service for the past year and have gotten 3 refills from them at the time of this article. This service is beyond spectacular and satisfies a much needed niche. In this world today, being a woman is hard enough so making it a little easier to get something as necessary as birth control makes all the difference and adds so much convenience to our lives.

I recommend this service to any woman looking for a convenient solution to their birth control needs. They guarantee discretion and ensure quality service and products.


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