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Velvet Rose, an All Natural Love


We’ve all been there.

It’s that moment. You know THE moment where you know THANGS is about to go down.

*bow chica bow woooooowww*

Marathon sex isn’t my consistent cup of tea but sometimes, the night just calls for it.

Candles get lit, the Spotify love making playlist gets turned on… maybe some wine…

But then my pesky thoughts like to take over:

“Girl you KNOW you not gonna last”

It’s more a conversation with my vagina actually.

*Chugs wine*

So here’s the part that gets me kind of frustrated.

I don’t know about y’all but my body doesn’t produce enough…erm…you know…*clears throat* lubricant substance to with stand the full night ahead of fun physical activity.

Not because I’m old, or my body can’t produce it – it’s just a common side effect from taking birth control.

Lots of women on the pill suffer from this annoying side effect.

Yah, I said suffer.

It’s like, what’s the point right?

But alas, here we find ourselves again ladies between a rock and a hard place.

Or a rock and a dry place?

Let’s face it, we need lube!

It doesn’t help that my ‘love tunnel’ is already mad sensitive and gets mad at any foreign object coming within a 1 foot radius of her… so, what kind of lube can an oversensitive girl use?

A water based one!

I have come to find out that there are three different types of lube when you’re shopping around.        

Water based, silicone based and oil based.

Water based lube tends to feel the most natural. It’s not gooey or sticky and HEY whadda ya know? It’s easier to clean up!

Silicone based lube is slicker and does last a bit longer than the water based one but it’s not an easy clean up apparently.

So if you plan on doing some romantic quickies to spice things up, keep a bottle of that good ol’ water based stuff for ‘one and done’.

The oil based lube I’m imagining to be a lot like baby oil. Which makes me think of this…

That’s a pic of a dude in Russia getting oiled down before he wrestles his other oiled down appointment.

They compete for medals and placings.

You heard me.

“Rissa, where do I find some water based lube then?”

Well reader, I’m so glad you made it all the way to the bottom of this post to find out.

I actually came across a really dope company by the name of Intimate Rose and tried their water based lubricant Velvet Rose.

Huuunntttyyyy let me tell you that I am one happy camper.

I did have to reapply once or twice but that’s all I had to worry about ;).

If you are looking for a gentle lube that won’t irritate you or your partner I HIGHLY recommend this brand.

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Check out this link to learn more!

Velvet Rose by Intimate Rose

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