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What is Matcha and 7 Reasons Why Everyone’s Obsessed

I’m sure by now you’ve seen or heard about a green powdery substance called Matcha and it seems to be the new ‘health trend’ taking over your feeds and timelines.

As with most health fads, we do or buy first, ask questions later.


When friends, family, celebrities or people we tend to trust and look up to tell us to do something we take their word for it.

No questions asked, because…well… let’s face it…

We buy into the dream.

If Kim Kardashian (let’s just say you like/ respect her for a second) is pushing something, there must be some truth there right? If I buy her new perfume I’ll smell just like her and my butt will grow as big as hers…right? RIGHT?!

You get the idea.

So I went to my nearest Trader Joes, grabbed a bag of Matcha and started putting that stuff in my morning shake. Let’s just say I haven’t had a problem feeling wide awake lately.

Before you go rolling your eyes and placing this in the ‘Bin of Failed Health Fads’ I’m here to tell you I’ve done my research. Matcha is actually EXCELLENT for your health. The benefits completely outweigh the concept of it being a ‘fad’.

Still don’t believe me?

Read the receipts hunty.


I feel you.

Before talking about the benefits, we should probably tackle the mystery of what in the actual F@#! is Matcha?

Well folks, it’s just ground up green tea leaves.

Image result for green tea leaf matcha

That’s it.

Nothing processed. No preservatives. No magic dust that fell from the ass of a Unicorn.

Just green tea leaves.

(1) cup of Matcha is the equivalent to (10) cups steeped green tea.

That’s 10X the benefits of regular green tea!


Glad we can all be on the same page.

So here’s why Matcha powder would be a really good thing to work into your everyday diet…


Yah, I didn’t know what polyphenols were either.


Polyphenols are potent antioxidants that fight inflammation, DNA damage associated with aging, smoking, consuming high fats or not exercising/ lack of physical activity.

Well damn Mother Nature.

I see you.

Sounds like an instant Fountain of Youth right?

*Instruction: Just add water*

Image result for just add water meme


If you didn’t already know, a cup of steeped green tea already has a good amount of caffeine in it.

Yup, green tea is nature’s coffee.

Matcha connoisseurs have said that compared to the buzz caffeine typically gives you, Matcha makes you more alert instead of jittery.

There’s something called L-Theanine in green tea that causes relaxation without the drowsiness.

And there’s no crash.

That’s such a win.

Mother Nature has all the answers.

She be making you feel a relaxed type of energized.

Yass queen.


Aw snap.

Everyone’s favorite thing to do.

Burn calories while doing nothing.

Can I get a ‘AMEN’?

Image result for can i get an amen meme

Matcha already contains zero calories so it’s a no brainer adding it to any weight loss program.

A study found in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that Matcha can increase thermogenesis from 8%-10% to 35%-43%.

That’s another word we can learn together…

Thermogenesis is just a fancy word for ‘your body burning calories while not doing anything’.

You’re welcome.


Oh did I make another eyebrow rise with curiosity?

Matcha also has these things called Catechins which is ANOTHER fancy word for molecules which have proven to be wildly potent and beneficial antioxidants.

You’re gonna know so many fancy words after this.

Proud of you.

So these Catechins work to trap and deactivate free radicals (aka damaged molecules) in the skin which also slow down the signs of aging.

*Chugs cup of Matcha*



Matcha is so natural is works on your insides AND your outsides.


So those Catechins we just learned about also work directly on your face.

If you like beauty DIY’s you can make a Matcha Face Mask and get that skin glowing hunty! *snaps*

It’s been proven to fight acne and even symptoms of rosacea.

Go ahead, slap some green powder on your face!


Have you ever steeped a green tea bag to remedy a bug bite?

No? It works. Never have to buy bug bite cream again.

The next time you have a pesky bug bite that itches like the Dickens, steep a green tea bag and apply it directly to the bite. It might sting a bit at first but the anti-inflammatory components in the green tea help calm it down.

The swelling, the itchiness, the redness… all that goes away.

Image result for bug bite meme


Or science or whateva…

Same concept with Matcha.

The antioxidants make it gentle enough for direct contact to the skin but strong enough to reduce any redness or swelling caused by chronic skin conditions.

Rashes! I dare you!

I really hope this helped you understand what Matcha is and its benefits.

It can get kinda crazy and confusing trying to figure out what is actually good for you and what’s just another trend so I try to do the research for you.

You busy.

I gotchu.

There are so many different ways to prepare Matcha which I plan on exploring but as of right now I just throw some into my workout shake.

Check out my video below:

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