5 black-owned melanin magic goodness…


Because culture is important.

Culture allows us to help define ourselves and growing up half Black with kinky curls and caramel macchiato skin I never got to see myself represented the way little girls like me are now.

So best believe I’m soaking it all in and bringing awareness to the fact that black women are stepping into our louder voices and taking credit for our creativity.

But I digress.

Summertime is legit almost here…

…and it’s about to be mad hot…

Summer isn’t only for complaining about the inexplicable heat though (*cough* global warming *cough*).

Summer is more than sludging through the day praying those infamous beads of sweat won’t roll down your back threatening to ruin that bomb ass summer dress you’ve been wanting to rock all year.

Summer is more than yelling at your friends to hurry up and take the fucking selfie because the beads of sweat pooling at your hairline are looming like a dark cloud ready to melt off what can only be culturally defined as a ‘beat face’. (aka your makeup)

Summer is a 3 month time frame dedicated to day partaaaaaays, barbecues, vacations aaaaaaaaannnnnddd the infamous scramble to attain any form of what you can only define as your ‘summer body’

black-owned swimsuit line

Booze filled beach days are taunting us which means a generous amount of people haven’t even started thinking about getting out of ‘oversized fluffy sweater’ shape.

Ugh… so much pressure…

black-owned swimsuit line

But not to fear, Culture Fuzz is here!

Culture Fuzz has put together a list of bomb as fuck, body conscious, black girl magic, black-owned swimsuit lines that will be sure to flatter any body shape/ type.

From an array of melanin friendly nude tones to ethnically inspired colors and patterns guaranteed to have you pop and have people asking if your Stella because you definitely found yo groove girl!

black owned swimsuit line

Yep, that’s Taye Diggs yall….


Mint Swim was founded in 2012 by business boss lady mogul Draya Michele. Starting out as one of the early stars for VH1’s Basketball Wives, Draya took her earnings and began investing into herself.

The rest is history…

Mint Swim was one of the first black-owned swimsuit lines that sort of blazed the trail for socially conscious fashion brands. Draya shed a light on the importance of inclusiveness for women of color.

Mint Swim literally has styles for all body types.

These bathing suits are oozing with aesthetic and versatility that can be rocked in so many ways.

Whether it’s lounging by the pool or putting something together for the club this is definitely a swimsuit line that I can get behind…

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L E I G H • M E D I N A • F I O N A

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2. Swim by RUE107

This black-owned swimsuit company was founded by the gorgeous Marie-Jean Baptiste who was born on the culturally rich and beautiful island of Haiti. A lot of the RUE107 designs are inspired by the vibrant Creole colors that are a staple in her culture and the results are to die for.

The swimsuits by RUE107 are simple with their cuts and shapes but the jubilant colors and mindfully placed touches of design, like a small shoulder cap or off the shoulder ruffles, allow women from a small to a tall, to express themselves through a variety of choices and styles.

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3. Nakimuli

Nakimuli Swimwear eccentric and beautiful black-owned swimsuit line that was established in late 2009 by designer/ owner and all that is Black Girl Magic, Tennille McMillan.

A Brooklyn native, McMillan was labeled by her peers as “the weird one” due to her unique choice of threads.

Why we always called weird because we want to be different sis?…

yes… yes I do…

Using that label as inspired action she taught herself how to sew post graduating high school at the tender age of 16.

Okay… can we all scream Black Girl Magic please?

She began to make clothes/ costumes for her family members and fellow dance students at Hunter College.

This queen has had her designs rocked by the queen herself Erykah Badu and continues to create designs for her to this day.

You can also see her work on the likes of Eva Marcille, Jill Scott, Danielle Brooks, Jazmine Sullivan and Merrill of TuneYards.

Commoners like myself are able to take some of that essence in her swimsuit line that is dripping with style.

4. Monif C.

Moinif C. is a black-owned, plus-sized fashion brand that was founded by two melanin goddesses who are actually mother and daughter. Monif Clarke and Elaine Clarke seem to have captured the very essence of black girl magic.

Geared directly towards full figured women the cuts and designs of Monif C. have managed to compliment the everyday woman’s silhouette perfectly.

5. Andrea Iyamah

The more research I’m do the more I’m finding these melanin goddess company owners started out really young…

Andrea Iyamah (A.I.) is a black-owned swimsuit line that was inspired by Andrea’s flare for fashion and the arts. Killing it with her tailoring skills and being self taught in the world of fashion she gave all gas and no brakes when birthing A.I. at the tender age of 17. (2013)

WTF was I even doing at the age of 17? Definitely not starting a business empire….

Andrea Iyamah has become a household name when talking about black-owned swimsuit lines and her eccentric take on the aqua classic thread is refreshing with the use of vibrant colors and unique cuts that are inspired by a range of African cultures and African heritage.

Since 2011, Andrea Iyamah has focused on selling ethnicity with a modern twist while maintaining its attention to detail.

Let Andrea Iyamah be a part of your next tropical getaway…


There you have it ladies n gents.

  1. Mint Swim
  2. Swim by Rue107
  3. Nakimuli
  4. Monif C.
  5. Andrea Iyamah

5 versatile, amazing, black girl magestic, black-owned swimsuit lines that will be sure to flatter any tummy roll that threatens to ruin a good time.

It’s also important to support smaller business ESPECIALLY if they our owned and operated by our fellow melanin goddesses who have to work twice as hard just to get the same recognition.

Hope you find something you like amongst these 5 amazing black owned swimsuit lines.

Culture Fuzz Out!

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