About Us

Welcome to Culture Fuzz. A "safe space" where you can come to be inspired or you can come to inspire others.

Culture Fuzz is a platform that has been influenced by YOU, the entrepreneur, blogger, working on a start up, stay at home parent or simply looking for some good ol' motivation, we are your tribe.

We encourage you to share your stories as well as cheer on the stories of others because we understand the importance of connecting with people through pure positivity, encouragement and understanding.

Culture Fuzz was founded and is operated by Rissa who lives her everyday life seeking out the light inside of others. She has heard some amazing stories about overcoming obstacles and what really went down in the trenches when it came to pushing through. Realizing that people had one common denominator, accomplishing happiness and fulfillment and then maintaining that happiness and fulfillment, she became inspired to create a bridge which has now become Culture Fuzz.

culture fuzz

The purpose of this bridge is to connect you with people, places and experiences you may never have thought twice about. The question is... are you willing to walk across?

Stories of success, failure, tears, joy and accomplishments need to be heard to let others know they are not alone in this thing called life.

We Challenge You

As you know already, Culture Fuzz is all about inspiration and self development or growth. There is no such thing as growth without challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. So as you explore and get to know the Culture Fuzz community we challenge you to be open while you wonder, we challenge you to entertain knew thoughts without adopting the idea unless it truly speaks to you. Reach out to those that resonate with you and above all SHARE!


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