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#girlboss by sophia amorusoThis book is everything you think it is.. It has the ups and downs that anyone one of our own lives have which means this story is insanely relateable. Sophia Amoruso, who is both the author and star of the story, gives us a generous look into her beginning days of her uber successful clothing company, Nasty Gal. What makes this book and Sophia's story so compelling, I believe, is her unapologetic, I don't give a fuck, I have no choice but to succeed attitude. When she is faced with epic adversity, yes she has her moments of fear and doubt but she learns to take on these obstacles head on and take that bitch by the reigns. Starting her clothing company off on the auction platform EBay, Sophia gains tremendous popularity and financial success by showcasing her clothes in a way that was unheard of on the modest website, she was a fresh of breath air and everyone was taking it in.

But alas, with great success comes an even greater amount of haters who banned together to get Nasty Gal shut down for good from EBay. If that happened to you, what would you do? Well I'll tell you what Sophia did, she shook that shit on, used the money that she had acquired from Nasty Gal up until that point and invested in building her own clothing website, it's like she didn't even skip a beat. After the website launch, the rest was history.

Go ahead and add this book #GirlBoss to the list of her ever growing #birlboss by sophia amorusoachievements because Sophia literally built a movement, whether she intended to or not. Her story is reassurance that a lot of us are on the right path. You're not supposed to always know what you are doing, you're not always supposed to wait until you have all of your ducks lined up in a row.... just jump.

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