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This week.... no the past few weeks I have been going through a lot of emotions in regard to what steps I need to take next in life, mainly in the area of my job and career. I have such big dreams beyond the normal 9-5 lifestyle and I'm determined to stay on track in reaching those dreams, which means reading the signs and pursuing the avenues that usually stop people dead in their tracks. Those signs usually pertain to change and forcing you to walk outside of your comfort zone.... gross, the "un-comfort zone". I'm looking for answers and the latest book that I'm devouring is The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. I'm only halfway through this book but it's already hitting me in multiple ways and making my third eye flutter with excitement, information and that good ol' spiritual development. Focusing on the fact that us mere humans only live in a 5 sensory world that help us to connect with our physical world but we have yet to connect with our multi-sensory senses that are supposed to help us get connected with, you know.... that thing. Your thing, God, Buddha, The Universe, The Source... yah that infinite thing that is beyond our puny little brains but we know is there and feel so strongly every single day. The Seat of the Soul has officially been around for 25 years and when something serves to be that timeless and continues to stay relevant, I would be crazy not to take a look at what has been helping folks get closer to their most purest selves. We are a spiritual entity having a human experience after all, sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of exactly how epic we are. To trust our instincts, that burning feeling in your gut to not walk down that shady alley, or to listen to that screaming voice telling you that it's time to leave your job because it's either an unhealthy environment, you no longer find yourself growing or let's face it... you be bored.

This book is a fantastic read and another fantastic source in flicking open that third eye so we can be that 2017 kind of woke.... even 25 years later.

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