BossMom X Victoria: A Culture Fuzz Collaboration

Victoria Garcia

The beginning of motherhood does not mean the end of pursuing your dreams. “

We are so excited to announce our newest collaboration with mother, wife, author and entrepreneur Victoria Garcia who is the founder and creator of BossMom. A brand that stands for family first, continuous self development and a mission to let other moms know that just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t balance  your life to include your own happiness. The beginning of motherhood does not mean the end of pursuing your dreams. We reached out to Victoria because we strongly believed that her journey of self discovery and self development as a young mother who had to take on unfamiliar roles like being a mom and a wife while not losing sight of her dream job to help other mothers realize that just because they have children does not mean that self development has to come to a complete stop. We admire her raw vulnerability when she writes about her self reflections on being a devoted mother, a loving wife and a kick ass entrepreneur.

“When you go through traumatic life events something pretty awesome happens to you. You start to quickly realize what matters to you and what doesn’t. And then, the wonderful pruning process begins. You eliminate everything that doesn’t serve you or add value to your life anymore, and you begin to invest time into the things that do matter and do add value.
And that’s exactly how and why #bossmom was born.”
– Victoria Garcia

So make sure you keep on checking back for more of her amazing journey and look into how by taking on one thing at at time, the life of you and your families’ dream is but at your finger tips.


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