Holiday Makeup | Indian Clay Mask


I already know by now that you have heard of the Indian Healing Clay Mask. This puppy has been around for years, hell decades and there's a good reason why. If it ain't broke don't fix it I always say. So the Indian Healing Clay Mask is ridiculously affordable at only $6 - $7 at your local Whole Foods Market.

What are the benefits?

The clay comes from Death Valley, where it is sun-dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees. Bentonite clay is derived from volcanic ash, and the long list of substances it contains reads like the periodic table of elements: potassium, cesium, ytterbium, and on and on.

With a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, this concoction will have your pores vacuumed all the way out, just be careful not to have it on for too long.

RealHer Makeup

Don't forget to check out RealHer Makeup where positive affirmations become part of your everyday beauty routine. Not sure what look to create with their pallets? Take a look at Culture Fuzz's video above for a fun smokey look just in time for the holidays.

Curly Crown vs. The Corporate Coif

curly hairMy natural hair journey isn’t anything for the books, I’m just like every other girl who used to struggle with accepting her curls and develop a relationship with them. It’s not as simple as getting up one day and deciding, “Yes! Today is the day I wear my curly crown and put my middle fingers up!” It’s so much deeper than that, it’s psychological actually. I’m a mixed girl with very kinky curls and I wasn’t around my African side of the family while I was growing up to educate me about my hair. I went to a private school and only had my peers to reference and everyone had waspy, stick-straight hair, or hair that was nowhere near as kinky as mine. So, I would just gather up my curls and slick it back into the tightest of the tightest of ponytails which was my desperate attempt to conform my coif to fit in with the rest of the plain Janes at school. What a yawn right? My edges are still paying for all that lack of blood flow and toxic hairspray, I’m so sorry babies.

Long story short, I was not raised to love my hair which was absolutely not my parents fault, my mother did her absolute best to care for my curls and did a fantastic job while my dad, well come on, he’s a dad, he was just happy my hair was tamed, let alone did he care what it looked like. Natural curly hair was not celebrated back in the day the way it’s beginning too now, and there’s still a long ass way to go. If I wore my hair curly and out while in grade school or high school, I would get the most unwanted attention. I became a specimen or some kind of anomaly that the kids couldn’t wrap their minds around. I felt like a fucking sting ray in the petting section of the aquarium and experiences like that made me loathe my curly hair.

Fast forward about 10 years and that’s when my journey began. My journey of self-love I like to call it. By that point I have met enough people who showed me how to care for my curls in the proper way and once I reached my “fuck it” point and got sick of straightening my hair all of the time, I got a HUGE chop, cut off all the dead hair and began my expedition of loving myself the exact way God made me. It was great, having that type of attitude and acceptance towards myself actually motivated a lot of my curlfriends to join me on the natural hair quest and I became addicted to helping women find the beauty in their “curly crown”. I became addicted to helping women love themselves.

I’ve never been apologetic about my curls once I went natural, when I embraced them, I embraced them hard and wore my big hair loud and proud. It wasn’t until I was joking around with my fellow entrepreneur best friend and we were going back and forth about clients and meetings and I jokingly said, “Girl, bring me with you and I can complement the deal!” She then, without skipping a beat, said “You would have to straighten your hair first.” She meant nothing malicious by that comment, we have a friendship that is 14 years old and she knows my hair journey from the beginning. But her statement made me realize how much of a stigma having curly hair still was in corporate society, and to be frank, I just ain’t having it. I am determined to dominate the corporate world, or just dominate as a business woman period and not feel ashamed for letting my curls be free. Currently, I work for a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills where image is EVERYTHING hunnty and from time to time I will still get interesting looks, or comments from my boss letting me know, ‘wow, you’re making a statement with that hair’. Why does it have to be a statement? Why can’t I wear my normal natural hair without being stereotyped into being a rebel, or a feminist or a proud black queen? Why can’t I just be, and be good at my job?

I’m not allowing my curly hair set the standard for my work, my actual work ethic and demonstration of working hard and well is what I want to be known for and I’m going to take control of my image. Yes, they may be a little taken aback at first because you didn’t conform to corporate standards, but babygirl, I promise you, if you stand your ground and demand, through your work ethic, to be judged by how you work and not how your hair works, they will have no choice but to  accept you as…well… you. Do not care what other people think, we need more warriors in the fields to continue to blaze the trail for the younger ones preparing to step into this world. Unfortunately, it is up to us to set the standard on curly crowns in the corporate world. There is such a stigma and negative connotation with curls, and I know it has a lot to do with the repercussions of slavery but just like there hasn’t been any rehabilitation provided for that psychological shift, there isn’t one for ethnic girls to accept themselves as they are and understand that they are beautiful too. Let’s face it, when America talks about a beautiful girl, they’re not talking about cute ethnic girls with kinky hair, we know exactly what they are referring too and I’m not that. I will never be that. And I love that.

Yah, sure, I could conform, straighten my hair and be a good little worker but everyone takes that road and no one is any better of a person. I have always been one to stand up for myself and make waves so this is definitely a lifelong battle I choose to fight. Yes, I love to play around with different looks but my curls are my crown and they have become a strong part of who I am. I cannot compromise who I am because of the standards society has set. I want to go against the grain, I want to give little girls hope, and I want to be a vision of inspiration to other.

I want to help change the world, one curly head at a time.

8 Fave YouTube Makeup Artists

5 youtube  makeup artists

My fellow ladies, and some gentlemen, if you are anything like me then your love for makeup has probably caused you to stumble upon this page. If you are anything like me then you can make a good 3-4 hours fly by just by watching some amazing makeup/ beauty tutorials to try and vamp up your everyday and evening looks. I use YouTube for just about everything when it comes to figuring things out and beauty "How To's" are one of the top tutorials that I look for because let's be honest, who doesn't want that little extra "mmph" in their style? Whether it be something dramatic and sultry, possibly adding some drama for the holidays or maybe you just don't know what the hell mascara even is and this is your first step into your makeup journey - there is something for absolutely everyone in the YouTube tutorial world.

Now, there are hundreds of amazing girls and boys creating fantastic step by step makeup tutorials but because my complexion is more on the Rihanna side I tend to shoot for tutorials that are specially made for that particular skin tone. My main reason is simply because I needed to understand how my complexion works, what are my undertones? How do contouring and highlighting apply to my color skin?... things of that nature. Along the way of learning those things I just fell in love with these particular beauty vloggers and wanted to share them with you. Yes, there is a vlogger here for mostly every complexion... if there isn't or you would like to share with us who your favorite beauty vlogger is, please share it with us in the comments at the bottom of this page! Enjoy!

1. SunKissAlba

SunKissAlba is uh-may-zing! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but her tutorials are so accurate and informative. From what I understand, she leads an all-natural lifestyle and gives really amazing tutorials on DIY soaps, scrubs, face masks and so much more. She also has great tutorials on curly hair routines and maintenance, of makeup tutorials and so much more. When I first stumbled upon this beauty she had me telling my coworkers to save their coffee grinds to give them to me for my body scrub and then I dashed out to the nearest health food store to stock up on all the essential oils I could find. I truly believe you will enjoy all she has to offer!

2. ItsMyRayeRaye

Just look at that everyday natural look! Who wouldn't fall in love with It'sMyRayeRaye's tutorials. Her numbers are constantly growing, not only does she have fun informative tutorials, but she is such a joy to watch. She has everything from natural makeup tutorials, glam tutorials, hair, face routine and DIY to vamp up your wardrobe. Another beauty vlogger that is very talented and versatile.

3. NikkieTutorials

Duh. If there is any love for makeup tutorials inside of your heart than you definitely can make some room for miss NikkieTutorials. She is a makeup guru in the YouTube and makeup world and she is one of my go-to's when I'm looking for something with DRAMA. She has such a great personality so it's absolutely entertaining to watch her show us how to contour and blend the F#$@k out of one's self!

4. AshleyDBeauty

I love me some AshleyDBeauty, she is seriously as cute as a button and I think that is one of the cheesiest terms alive but I can't help but think of that when I try and describe her. She has fantastic everyday looks if you are more in the direction for subtle glam. She has fantastic hair installation and DIY wig tutorials as well as how to put together certain outfits for certain occasions. I could definitely use more of that, I literally was Googling: Holiday Office Party Outfits, because WTF?

AshleyDBeauty is also a vlogger so if you like her stuff make sure you show some love and subscribe!

5. Teaira Walker

I have literally been watching miss Teaira Walker from her beginnings and my oh my she has grown! She has some fantastic beginner tutorials and really goes into depth about skin complexion and which products she feels are best. Similar to AshleyDBeauty she has some fantastic hair installation and wig tutorials along with her makeup "how to's". Make sure you keep your eye on this one because I'm expecting really big things from her at the rate she has been moving.

6. Lonyea Maiden

Lonyea Maiden has some GREAT makeup tutorials, now I must admit I don't think I could pull off all that drama at my everyday office job but her work is gorgeous. If you are looking for some absolutely glamorous holiday, birthday or any special occasion makeup - I am telling you she is your girl! She is beginning to vlog a little bit more and she has such a fun personality that she is another joy to watch and so relateable. I hit the subscribe button to her channel only after a couple of videos. I have never seen someone love go "glow" so much in my life, she's a true makeup inspiration!

7. Grav3YardGirl

I came across Grave3yardGirl very late in life and I'm OBSESSED. I literally watched her channel for a good 3 hours in a row... that's how captivating she is. No, she is not strictly makeup tutorials or strictly beauty tutorials for that matter, she is EVERYTHING tutorial. From what I understand her channel didn't start out the way that it is portrayed now, she literally has grown and evolved in from of an audience which I truly believe is a huge ingredient to her success and connection to her fans. She has lot's of categories and segments like "Does this Thing Really Work?" "Monthly Favorites" "First Impression Fridays" and so much more! If you end up loving her, show her some Culture Fuzz love and subscribe to her channel.

8. Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley and I connected in a way I thought I could never connect with any beauty vlogger. We both have hooded yes and it was not until I stumbled upon her viral video of the do's and don'ts when applying makeup to our eye type that I even knew this was an issue. She has some absolutely beautiful looks that I find myself purposely watching in order to replicate that particular look for that day. She does a lot of videos with her twin sister which I think is awesome because who wouldn't want a double of their favorite makeup tutorial guru. Another one to keep your eye on because I'm pretty sure she's going to take off with her talents.