Reminder of 10 Things to Be Thankful For

What Are You Thankful For?

It really shouldn’t take a special holiday to make us remember all of the things we should already be thankful for every single day, however, we do understand that the way life works it can be tremendously difficult to recall the good things in our lives and that’s okay. That’s why we’re here, and although there are thousands of things we can think of that serve a great purpose in our lives – we have compiled a shorter more general list of things we think we can all appreciate and be grateful for.

If you have something you are grateful/ thankful for and would like to share, please leave a comment below – let’s spread that love and positive energy on extra thick.

Here, we will start it off for you…

Culture Fuzz is grateful for you guys, our readers, spectators and supporters. You guys are what makes us possible. 🙂


Life can be the ultimate “B Word” sometimes throwing things at us that can make us feel insanely defeated and miserable – but over here we understand it’s all how you look at the situation, no matter how bad or inconvenient. Once you accept the fact that you, as a human being, are going to make mistakes, guaranteed, and begin to focus on finding the lesson in that mistake, you will be ever so grateful for such a mind shift.


The air that we breathe is one of the if not THE ultimate life source. Without it, we do not live. Breath exists on all planes of manifestation and is a connecting link to each other, matter and energy as well as consciousness and mind. We get to breathe another day, tapping into one of the greatest life sources on earth.. For that, let’s be grateful.


This one speaks for itself. Laughing makes us feel good, even if you are having a bad day, something funny happens that you can’t help but laugh at… it’s over, you’re day instantly gets the tiniest bit better. Then there are the scientifically proven physical benefits of being able to laugh like lowering your blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, includes cardiac health, works your abs, boots T-cells and a general sense of well being. That one can be an easy thing to be thankful for.


I know, that’s an unexpected one. Without darkness how can we appreciate the light. Without pain how can we even understand to be grateful the joys that life brings us. There needs to be a balance in order to understand the difference.


Music has proven to be a physically beneficial stimuli. It improves visual skill, lowers blood pressure, boosts your immunes system, reduces pain, keeps an aging brain stay healthy and all around makes you happier. Whether you love to just listen to music or use it as a form of expression it is definitely something I know everyone can be thankful for.


Another guarantee in life are obstacles or challenges. Living in an era where instant gratification is pretty much the expectation and the norm, simple things like taking the time to learn your craft well, network in order to monetize is something people just don’t like to do. Success never has and never will be able to be achieved through schemes or programs designed to make you shell out loads of cash for some “big secret” that isn’t even a secret. There are no shortcuts, it’s a challenge which needs to be appreciated… because without challenges there is no growth. Things stay the same and we never get to see what we are truly capable of doing.


If you are able to read and comprehend this, you already having something to be grateful for. Your eyesight and mental capacity to understand such a message. Even though some may not be in the best of conditions being able to be alert, alive and present is something simple and easy to be grateful for.


It’s the simple things. Let’s face it, chivalry is becoming a rare form… or it might have actually become just that. Example, I went to an office supply store and purchased a large amount of packing boxes and material that was definitely going to take more than one trip to the care to load everything. I remember the days (ah man have I really reached that point in my life?) when you had a large amount of things you needed to get to your car from the store it was an automatic motion to assist you to your car. It took me the first trip to the car before I realized the young man who rang me up should be helping me… that’s just me… either way situations like that keep me reminding me to always be grateful for kindness of strangers.


No matter who you call family, no matter who your significant other is… if you have a best friend or a cordial relationship with your next door neighbor, connection with people is really important and necessary for us humans.  It keeps us connected to each other, keeps that empathy emotion alive and warrants acceptance of others. Being able to confide in someone, get a hug when your sad are share a funny story with are things to definitely be grateful for.

10. FOOD

I really feel like I don’t even have to explain this one. If you can get it that in itself is something to be grateful for.

Some of these things might be more difficult than others to understand why they should be considered positive things to be grateful for. Do some digging within yourself to really marinate on why and always try to find that silver lining. Whether it’s a regular ol’ Tuesday or the a holiday specially picked out to emphasize being thankful… be thankful everyday. No matter how small there are ALWAYS things to be thankful for.



Love Being Afraid and Create New Opportunities

I know what you're thinking... how is that even a probable concept? Fear and the word opportunity don't even belong in the same realm.

Or do they?

Learning how to conquer the fear of breaking out of your comfort zone, and doing something new with pure, genuine effort can actually create opportunities for yourself you may never have even imagined. Just by saying yes to something, even though it might terrify you, is the best thing you could do for yourself.

We all know that feeling when we're challenged to break through our threshold of comfort, ... you get kind of panicked, anxious, nervous and squeamish like when you're about to speak in front of a crowd or clicking to the top of a steep roller-coaster right before the exciting/terrifying drop. You just kind of tense up, close your eyes and pray it would all be over already.

Then the 'fun' thoughts start to come in, but Rissa, what if I fail? What if I disappoint people? What if I make a mistake?

Okay, you see that train of thinking right there? Simply by asking those questions in that specific way you are already setting yourself up for failure. You are not mentally or spiritually setting yourself up to receive a gift from the universe, not matter what the outcome might be. It's literally all about your perception and how you look at the situation. First of all, there is no such thing as failing. Yes, there is such a thing as missing your mark, but did you learn something? Did you grow? Did you add value to yourself as a person? If you said yes to any of these questions, you did not fail. You learned. You grew.

As for disappointing people, I will say this as delicately as possible.


Until the day that you die, someone somewhere is going to be constantly unhappy or disappointed with your work. There are so many lost folks out in the world that they don't understand their judgment of other people is a direct reflection of who they are. If people are expressing disappointment in you as opposed to cheering you on for trying and doing something new, find a new tribe. Simple as that, when you grow, the people around you either understand your growth or they don't.

And making a mistake? I hope you do make a mistake! That is meant and comes from the most loving place possible. Again, it is all about your perception of the actual word. When you think of the word "mistake" you are already associating it to a negative connotation. You did something wrong, therefore you are a failure. Makes sense, that's what we were conditioned to think our entire lives, I mean look at school, we get graded on how many mistakes we make and after so many, we literally fail. How is that not supposed to be ingrained inside of our subconscious? Instead, look at making mistakes as a book marker, and instead of saying "omg stupid, you made a mistake!" instead say "oh silly, I see what I did there, now I know what it looks like". Making mistakes is a sign of learning and growth, if you're worried about playing it safe and not making waves then stay right where you are and don't make a splash.

Our brains our wired in such a specific way that it will do everything in it's power to protect us, it's a primal survival mechanism that has helped the human species last this long and the moment we feel hesitant or uncomfortable, regardless of what the situation might be, our brain automatically goes, "nope nope NOPE! I clearly see your uncomfortable, so just don't do it. RETREAT! RETREAT!" We go back into our self made caves and burrito blanket ourselves into disappearance. I know the blanket burrito position all to well.

Let's face it, we are all  conditioned to be somewhat of a control freak. The moment we no longer have the reigns to this beautiful crazy beast called life, we panic and are thrown off it's back only to then retreat to the confines of what's safe and familiar to us so we may lick our wounds in peace.

No. Stop that way of thinking right now. Its boring and you're not doing yourself any favors.

Learn to love the fear of trying new things like you enjoy getting tattoos, or sky diving, or first kisses. Approach life with an endless wonder and curiosity like a child discovering color, sounds and taste for the first time. Take every moment in the present as a gift you will never get again. Shift the way that you approach life and use that feeling of fear to guide you along the rocky paths of life. Fear is not only used to get us out of negative situations, it can also be used to get us into amazing life changing ones.

Oh the things you will learn about yourself will amaze you. Tap into your superpowers and explore your world.