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5 youtube  makeup artists

My fellow ladies, and some gentlemen, if you are anything like me then your love for makeup has probably caused you to stumble upon this page. If you are anything like me then you can make a good 3-4 hours fly by just by watching some amazing makeup/ beauty tutorials to try and vamp up your everyday and evening looks. I use YouTube for just about everything when it comes to figuring things out and beauty "How To's" are one of the top tutorials that I look for because let's be honest, who doesn't want that little extra "mmph" in their style? Whether it be something dramatic and sultry, possibly adding some drama for the holidays or maybe you just don't know what the hell mascara even is and this is your first step into your makeup journey - there is something for absolutely everyone in the YouTube tutorial world.

Now, there are hundreds of amazing girls and boys creating fantastic step by step makeup tutorials but because my complexion is more on the Rihanna side I tend to shoot for tutorials that are specially made for that particular skin tone. My main reason is simply because I needed to understand how my complexion works, what are my undertones? How do contouring and highlighting apply to my color skin?... things of that nature. Along the way of learning those things I just fell in love with these particular beauty vloggers and wanted to share them with you. Yes, there is a vlogger here for mostly every complexion... if there isn't or you would like to share with us who your favorite beauty vlogger is, please share it with us in the comments at the bottom of this page! Enjoy!

1. SunKissAlba

SunKissAlba is uh-may-zing! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but her tutorials are so accurate and informative. From what I understand, she leads an all-natural lifestyle and gives really amazing tutorials on DIY soaps, scrubs, face masks and so much more. She also has great tutorials on curly hair routines and maintenance, of makeup tutorials and so much more. When I first stumbled upon this beauty she had me telling my coworkers to save their coffee grinds to give them to me for my body scrub and then I dashed out to the nearest health food store to stock up on all the essential oils I could find. I truly believe you will enjoy all she has to offer!

2. ItsMyRayeRaye

Just look at that everyday natural look! Who wouldn't fall in love with It'sMyRayeRaye's tutorials. Her numbers are constantly growing, not only does she have fun informative tutorials, but she is such a joy to watch. She has everything from natural makeup tutorials, glam tutorials, hair, face routine and DIY to vamp up your wardrobe. Another beauty vlogger that is very talented and versatile.

3. NikkieTutorials

Duh. If there is any love for makeup tutorials inside of your heart than you definitely can make some room for miss NikkieTutorials. She is a makeup guru in the YouTube and makeup world and she is one of my go-to's when I'm looking for something with DRAMA. She has such a great personality so it's absolutely entertaining to watch her show us how to contour and blend the F#$@k out of one's self!

4. AshleyDBeauty

I love me some AshleyDBeauty, she is seriously as cute as a button and I think that is one of the cheesiest terms alive but I can't help but think of that when I try and describe her. She has fantastic everyday looks if you are more in the direction for subtle glam. She has fantastic hair installation and DIY wig tutorials as well as how to put together certain outfits for certain occasions. I could definitely use more of that, I literally was Googling: Holiday Office Party Outfits, because WTF?

AshleyDBeauty is also a vlogger so if you like her stuff make sure you show some love and subscribe!

5. Teaira Walker

I have literally been watching miss Teaira Walker from her beginnings and my oh my she has grown! She has some fantastic beginner tutorials and really goes into depth about skin complexion and which products she feels are best. Similar to AshleyDBeauty she has some fantastic hair installation and wig tutorials along with her makeup "how to's". Make sure you keep your eye on this one because I'm expecting really big things from her at the rate she has been moving.

6. Lonyea Maiden

Lonyea Maiden has some GREAT makeup tutorials, now I must admit I don't think I could pull off all that drama at my everyday office job but her work is gorgeous. If you are looking for some absolutely glamorous holiday, birthday or any special occasion makeup - I am telling you she is your girl! She is beginning to vlog a little bit more and she has such a fun personality that she is another joy to watch and so relateable. I hit the subscribe button to her channel only after a couple of videos. I have never seen someone love go "glow" so much in my life, she's a true makeup inspiration!

7. Grav3YardGirl

I came across Grave3yardGirl very late in life and I'm OBSESSED. I literally watched her channel for a good 3 hours in a row... that's how captivating she is. No, she is not strictly makeup tutorials or strictly beauty tutorials for that matter, she is EVERYTHING tutorial. From what I understand her channel didn't start out the way that it is portrayed now, she literally has grown and evolved in from of an audience which I truly believe is a huge ingredient to her success and connection to her fans. She has lot's of categories and segments like "Does this Thing Really Work?" "Monthly Favorites" "First Impression Fridays" and so much more! If you end up loving her, show her some Culture Fuzz love and subscribe to her channel.

8. Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley and I connected in a way I thought I could never connect with any beauty vlogger. We both have hooded yes and it was not until I stumbled upon her viral video of the do's and don'ts when applying makeup to our eye type that I even knew this was an issue. She has some absolutely beautiful looks that I find myself purposely watching in order to replicate that particular look for that day. She does a lot of videos with her twin sister which I think is awesome because who wouldn't want a double of their favorite makeup tutorial guru. Another one to keep your eye on because I'm pretty sure she's going to take off with her talents.


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