Holiday Makeup | Indian Clay Mask


I already know by now that you have heard of the Indian Healing Clay Mask. This puppy has been around for years, hell decades and there's a good reason why. If it ain't broke don't fix it I always say. So the Indian Healing Clay Mask is ridiculously affordable at only $6 - $7 at your local Whole Foods Market.

What are the benefits?

The clay comes from Death Valley, where it is sun-dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees. Bentonite clay is derived from volcanic ash, and the long list of substances it contains reads like the periodic table of elements: potassium, cesium, ytterbium, and on and on.

With a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, this concoction will have your pores vacuumed all the way out, just be careful not to have it on for too long.

RealHer Makeup

Don't forget to check out RealHer Makeup where positive affirmations become part of your everyday beauty routine. Not sure what look to create with their pallets? Take a look at Culture Fuzz's video above for a fun smokey look just in time for the holidays.

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