Just Got Fired…Now What?

It finally happened. The moment that I have secretly been longing for has finally arrived and I’m at a complete standstill, I’ve just been fired.

We have all been there at one time or another, being fired or laid off. We always sense it coming but seem to never be fully prepared, well at least I wasn’t.

I had been at this job for 5 years and stayed about 3 years to long, completely ignoring my gut feeling that just like a guest overstaying their welcome, it was time go. Nope, I just continued to drag my butt into that office every single morning and continued to try and convince myself that things were going to get better. Of course they didn’t, I was failing to see that my time there has served its purpose and it was time for me to skedaddle.

I remember how I got called into the conference room that morning with the CEO and office manager. It became a mutual agreement that it was time for me to move on and it was so strange because I was actually calm, I was very close to arguing with them but I instantly held my tongue and shifted my thinking, why was I going to fight to be in a place that I hated? What an odd form of torture, so I politely said okay and happily took the exit that was provided to me. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and I’m beyond grateful for those five years with that company even though it was like pulling teeth near the end there because, like a lot life situations, I learned A LOT. I learned about myself, about what I want out of life, what I DON’T want and above all I learned to trust my gut. So here I was, 25 years old, no job and only $3,000 in my pocket, what was I going to do? I had rent, a car note and all those other bills that come along with adulthood that make it necessary for you to even have a livable lifestyle that you’re not ashamed of. Up until that point I had been reading a book called Buddha by Osho and if it wasn’t for that book I would not have adopted a way of thinking that allowed me to stay calm and accept my circumstances. (I HIGHLY recommend that book for those seeking a new way of thinking.)

The interesting thing about me being fired from that job is that I literally asked for it by calling it into the universe and voila! No job. I remember walking into that suite every morning and instantly feeling like the color grey, there’s no other way to explain it, it was dull and sucked the positive energy right out of me and my everyday thoughts were “I hate this job, I don’t want to work here anymore” and if you say a mantra long enough it’s bound to come true, and that’s exactly what happened.

But instead of freaking out about losing my income source and balling up into a corner allowing the fear to overcome my thoughts I grabbed onto my positive thinking and held on for dear life. I looked at this as an opportunity, a taste of freedom and a chance to take a step in the direction that I wanted to go. I had enough money to pay my bills in advance for the next month and being the hustler that I am I had plenty of resources to make a quick buck here and there so in reality I was golden. I had a place to live, a car to drive and food to eat, I knew it could’ve been worse. I thank the universe every single day that I was put in such a situation because it showed me exactly what I was made of, especially being on my own at 25 for the first time, never having to look after myself before and having that “safety net” called your parents to bail you out was no longer an option, and being fired unexpectedly (kind of) truly showed me that I was capable of being successful if I DECIDED that’s what I wanted to do. This situation presented me with a decision, do I buckle under the circumstances or do I stand up and face this challenge head on?

I have huge dreams and goals for myself and I don’t see why I can’t be as successful as the people I look up to, and I understand that with every difficult thing I deal with in life is only preparing me, shaping me and molding me into the person that I’m asking to become. So you got fired, okay… think about it, is it TRULY the end of the world? Instead of looking at it in a way that is negative ask yourself these questions and reflect, what do I want out of life? What is the lesson I’m supposed to be learning? What are the next steps I need to take in order to move towards the goal of doing what I love to do for a living?

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