New Single – “SWANG” by OKIM

OKIM has been a household name in the Inland Empire for the past few years now and there literally is no sign of him slowing down. He has given such a variety of music, not to mention his wardrobe and hair, from alternative, to hip hop, electric, pop and more currently he's been giving off this hip hop - electric - alternative - sound that has been undeniable. Along with his ever evolving sound he is constantly burrowed in the lab working on his visuals so meticulously as to make sure the listener and viewer get the whole experience on what the song is about. He truly is an artist when it comes to his work.

After the March 2017 release of his single "Pardon My Fancy" ft. Tori Stylez he gave us a glimpse on what we could definitely expect from OKIM. Making sure to incorporate contrast and color there wasn't one dull moment for the eye of the viewer. The vibrancy of the music video matched the song in its entirety and everyone here at Culture Fuzz wanted to see what was next to come.

And we didn't have to wait long....

The beginning of this month, August 2017 we got to see another artistic side to OKIM. Not only is his newly released single "Swang" one of the better summer songs released by an independent artist this year, but the video, once again masterfully captures the high quality of the song. So please take a look for yourself and render your own opinion and show him some love if your digging his sound.


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