Tomorrow’s Midnight – Eugene O’Neil

It has been an extremely long time since we have heard a body of music that was amazing from beginning to end. We come from a time that when an artist made music and invested in an entire album they were actually story telling. Each song was a chapter, each lyric was a story and the music were the pages that helped us get to where the artist was trying to take us. Culture Fuzz had the chance of listening to the newly released album "Tomorrow's Midnight" written, produced and performed by Eugene O'Neil (formally known as O.M.I.N.O.U.$.) and it was nothing short of amazing. It is captivating, melodic, clever and does an amazing job of bringing you into his world of a single night where his journey begins in the studio and ends in the club. With powerful poetry by artist Karla Blaq and skits performed by Eugene in between songs that helped bridge each song to each other, you literally feel like you are right there with him in the studio, walking with him and getting into his car and getting down with him right there in the club at the end of the night.

Eugene O'Neil is mainly known for his skillful and witty bars as a hip hop artist and occasional battle rapper but he really breaks out of his comfort zone with "Tomorrow's Midnight" and finally displays what those vocal chords can really do. The boy be sangin!! With crooner songs like "WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)" and "Faded" we are so happy he is showing his more vulnerable side (I'm sure the ladies are too) because it creates a softer element and hits a larger audience. Eugene has proven many times that he can really take a pen to paper in an effective way, taking you on metaphoric journeys that will be having you quoting him under you Instagram photos.

This body of work definitely took some time to be created but alas, it was definitely worth every second of waiting. Do yourself a favor and go to one of these links to purchase his album and go on a journey with Eugene O'Neil for just a night.

WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) - Eugene O'Neil