Your Party & 10 Impactful Ways to Ensure it’s the Talk of the Town

If you’re anything like me, throwing a party may not be your thing.

Some people loving throwing parties while others (like myself) just like to attend them.

My younger sister asked me to throw her bridal party and I literally got that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look and said yes.

I was scrolling through Quora recently trying to get some ideas when a Quora user asked this question,

“What makes a good party?,”

I stopped mid scroll because I literally had no idea what actually went into making a ‘good party’.

I’m not the party planner of the family, I wasn’t born with the gift or the interest of stepping into that role.

What seemed to be emphasized in the Quora thread was the importance of getting people to attend and successful events leverages word of mouth.

Encouraging people to talk about it by offering something “new, unique, or out of the ordinary”.

That could be a variety of elements like the theme, venue or entertainment.

If you want people to get bored quickly, throw a party where no one shows up.

Mission accomplished.

Culture Fuzz is here to help bridge the gap to throwing a good party.

The following 10 points will have you throwing a party that will truly be the talk of the town.

1. Location

You know the saying, location, location, location.

Hiring the world’s best band is great, but if the event is hosted somewhere that’s difficult to reach, you’ll struggle to get invitees to come.

Of course, if you’re planning something relatively small, your own home or yard might be ideal.

culture fuzz party talk of the town

So if you’re planning a dinner with 20 guests, and your home clearly cannot comfortably host 20 people, it would be a good idea to rent out a hall or restaurant.

2. Light the Party Up

Speaking of your yard, you might want to turn it into a midsummer (spring or fall might work too) night’s dream.

culture fuzz party talk of the twon

You’ll want lots of lights.

Holiday lights draped across an awning and on the fences, placing candles everywhere, just not the kind with actual flames – battery-powered options are obviously much safer as you won’t have to worry about them catching fire.

If you have a pool, float water lights in them.

3. The Party Decor

If your party will be hosted inside don’t be afraid to have lots of fun with the decor.

You could transform your living room into a game room if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, hanging up NFL-related items and maybe even beer pong tables too.

If you’r planning a bridal shower like I am for my sister, it’s best to choose a color scheme and a theme so the decorations can be consistent.

For example blushes, pinks and hints of gold with blush and white flowers as the center pieces can really pull an entire look together.

culture fuzz party talk of the town

4. Unexpected Entertainment

If there is entertainment at a party I just didn’t expect like dancers, fireworks or even a bubble machine, I’m definitely talking about it the next day.

Not to mention posting endless stories on my social media causing my friends some intense F.O.M.O.

Yah sure you could hire the same ol’ DJ or a band, but if you hire unexpected and unique entertainment, your party is pretty much guaranteed to be the talk of the town.

How about trapeze artists or a hypnotist? 

culture fuzz party talk of the town

5. Put Together a Simple But Outstanding Party Menu

The food is always an important part of any party.

You don’t have to have a caterer deliver lobster or Chateaubriand.

Think casual yet outstanding.

Can you book that hot new food truck that everyone’s been talking about?

Or maybe focus items around the grill – kebabs are always a hit. 

One thing that has always served successful no matter which party I went too were the cheese plates, charcutere boards or graze tables.

There isn’t just one way to build them and you can incorporate different cheeses, fancy crackers, jellies, truffles, fruits and so much more.

culture fuzz party talk of the town
charcutere board

6. Signature Cocktails 

I once threw an event a few years ago and the bar owners found a way to make and name special cocktails after myself and the other people that were also part of the event.

It was memorable to say the least.

Come up with a unique signature cocktail, perhaps asking a mixologist for some ideas.

You want something that reflects your own style.

Sangria is always fun for a summer party, but if yours is a winter event, perhaps add some mulling spices and an evergreen sprig of rosemary.

Try adult frozen slushees mixed with popular alcohols like Rosé and give it a fun name like “Fro-sé”

culture fuzz party talk of the town

7. Set the Right Mood with Music

Even if you hire entertainment, you’ll probably want to have music playing before and after.

It affects people’s moods, which can be used to your advantage.

Make a special playlist, avoiding anything that’s too slow which could create a boring setting, but at the same time, heavy metal would be overpowering.

Depending on your guests, classic rock could be ideal, as most tunes have the right beat that keeps people talking and enjoying themselves. 

A popular genre of music that is taking over streaming platforms is called “Lo-Fi Hip-Hop”.

Lo-Fi gives a variety of instrumentals that can definitely set a mood from ‘jazz-trap’ to ‘trap-pop’

Culture Fuzz has curated their own Spotify playlist that you can play at your party anytime.

8. Interactive Games

I LOVE going to a bar or a party that has games!

Especially when the drinks start flowing and everyone has let their guard down a little, it can be such a fun time!

Once of the best ways to keep your guests engages is with interactive games.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – for example, one person could make a “things,” statement, such as “things that make you smile.”

Then ask everyone to write down something that makes them smile, collect the answers, read them aloud and have them guess who wrote what.

You can also incorporate games that are little bit more physical like ‘over sized Jenga’, interact card games, board games and charades!

9. Seat Them the Right Way

If your guests will be sitting down to dinner, seating them the right way is key to making a party work.

Don’t put best friends or couples together, switch around the seating to get people talking and getting to know each other.

Over here at Culture Fuzz we know it can be weird getting know someone new but parties are a great way to network and step outside your comfort zone.

10. Occasionally Give Up Control

If you’re the one continually taking care of your guests and making sure they’re entertained, the focus is all on you.

Having the focus on you isn’t necessarily bad, but your guests may not be able to really get to know one another.

Disappear into the kitchen, or somewhere else for a little while occasionally, forcing them to truly mingle.

Or simply sit down and join the party.

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Rissa SoFar
Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar is a lover of building bridges and creating a safe space for people to have important conversations. As the founder and creator of Culture Fuzz, Rissa works to bridge the gap to people, places, products and ideas will surely make a quality difference in your life.

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