Your Vagina and 7 Self Loving Ways to Keep It Happy

When did having a vagina that smelled like Bubbalicious Bubblegum become the expectation and the standard?

Got women walk around out here with cartons of pineapple juice, no draws and a false sense of hope.

Ladies, vaginas smell.

Men, vaginas smell.


It’s human. It’s natural and it’s how our body communicates with us by yielding some of these bodily functions.

It’s one of the ways our girly bits let us know how she’s doing. How she’s feeling.

Having discharge, that’s white or slightly yellow, is 100% normal and a good sign all is working well. It’s how your vagina gets rid of bacteria.

So learn to love and accept yo stank girl!

There are many reasons as to why you nether regions might be producing a more potent smell on some days and other days she’s just chillin like a rose in a bushel.

Women have this thing called a PH balance  which helps us gauge our vagina’s health.

When we do anything to throw off this balance an overgrowth of bad bacteria can happen and as a result cause our lady garden to become irritated or mad.

Being on your period, having intercourse, wearing tight non-breathable panties, using soaps and body washes with a strong fragrance are just a few reasons why your lady parts may not be so summer day fresh sometimes.

Not to worry though.

In just a few words, I’m going to give you 7 different ways to keep your panty hamster snug as a bug.

1. See Your Gynecologist at Least Once a Year


Especially if you’re sexually active.

And even if you aren’t sexually active.

It’s always a good idea to maintain preventative health care just to make sure all is well and operating correctly.

We can be as self aware as we want but we can’t always know what’s going on under the hood.

If your lady garden isn’t smelling so rosy fresh after a while, regardless of your self care routine, or experiencing itchiness, green, neon green or grey colored discharge, you need to see your Gyno right away.

These could be signs of a treatable infection taken with a simple prescription antibiotic.

2. Wear Cotton Underwear

Like the goddess that is your Cookie, she needs to be free like a feather in the wind.

And air out like one.

Wearing non breathable or tight underwear can cause irritation resulting in a not so yummy scent.

You ever experience that musky stank when you sweat or while you’re working out? As gross as it can be sometimes, it’s very normal. Once bacteria from your body hits your skin, it can conjure up some pretty interesting smells.

Hence your armpits.

Wearing something like cotton panties or wearing underwear with a cotton pantyliner can help regulate some air flow and let your Kitty Cat  breathe.

Also, if you can, try not to sit around in sweaty gym clothes for a long time.

When lying about the house by yourself, go commando and let that thang breathe. Not only is it liberating and good for your downstairs, it’s highly encouraged.

3. Stop the Douche

Seriously. Stop.

Your Love Tunnel has been perfectly designed to take care of herself.

She’s an independent woman and knows exactly what to do.

So stop taking away her shine by douching.

Douching has proven to be another way to knock your PH balance out of whack and even worse, it’s recently been linked to ovarian cancer.

Instead of douching, try going to your local pharmacy and get an over the counter PH gel to help regulate your levels.

4. Stop Using Scented Soaps and Body Washes with a Strong Fragrance

As yummy as some of these soaps can smell it’s sooooo bad for your vagina.

It can cause irritation and throw that PH balance right off.

A lot of those products “specifically designed” to clean your lady parts actually do more harm than good. Remember your homegirl downstairs already knows what to do.

Using those products just throw her off. She’s got it covered.

5. Pee After Sex

This rule should be the standard and not the exception.

This rule should be lived by.

Your vagina will thank you for doing this.

It helps to extract all the bad bacteria and prevent any potential bad bacteria overgrowth.

UTI’s are not fun.

6. A Healthy Diet Always Helps

Should be self explanatory but I’m not going to be assuming by any means.

You ever drink a lot of coffee or eat asparagus and your pee would then smell like coffee or asparagus?

Yah. It’s kind of the same concept with diet and your vagina smell.

Eat a lot more fruit and a lot more vegetables.

Reach for more water than any other liquid on the planet. Not exaggerating.

Flush those vagina toxins girl.

Eat yogurts with live cultures and probiotics. Stay away from excess sugars and coffee.

(As I’m sipping my morning coffee with sugar.)

Feed your vagina well my friend.

7. Clean Your Vagina Properly

Another obvious statement right?

I thought so too but apparently you don’t have to go as ham on the rubbing and scrubbing down there.

The vulva, which is the external part of the genitals (labia included) must be washed in the folds because bacteria and smegma (oil & dead skin cell build up) can hide in there.


Not to mention the vulva tissue is extremely delicate and a loofah or wash rag could cause micro tears if rubbed really really hard.

All you need is some gentle soap and your hand. Particularly your fingers.

Feel free to go ham with that wash rag loofa around the area though.



So there you have it.

There is no magic spell or special dust that will make you Hoo-Ha smell or taste like strawberries.

Or an Apple flavored Jollyrancher.

But you can take the necessary steps towards living with a happy and healthy vagina.

Happy self care y’all.

Rissa SoFar
Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar is a lover of building bridges and creating a safe space for people to have important conversations. As the founder and creator of Culture Fuzz, Rissa works to bridge the gap to people, places, products and ideas will surely make a quality difference in your life.

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