I'm Rissa and I have a passion for creating, learning and connecting with people.

I love the new things I'm able learn, the different perspectives they offer and above all finding ways to connect and Bridge the Gap of awareness so I can really learn their story.

So Culture Fuzz was born.

culture fuzz

I'm inspired by the stories of success you don’t always hear about because it’s not ‘media worthy’.

I'm inspired by the mom (or dad) next door who needed to find extra ways to bring in money and began selling delicious desserts right from their kitchen.

I’m inspired by the woman who decided to start a financial firm because she wanted to bring financial awareness and education to her community.

I admire the graffiti artist who blesses the urban streetscape with their breathtaking art - knowing they will probably never be recognized.

I’m in awe of the musician who isn’t signed or famous yet but has found a way to pay bills solely off of the craft and business mindset.

rissa marie culture fuzz

I’m inspired by my close circle of friends and family who have enough nerve to dream and crazy enough to go after it, all the while overcoming every mental and emotional obstacle we can ALL attest too.

There aren’t enough people telling their story. 

We’re missing the major components nowadays to even sit still long enough to listen.

I am here to bridge that gap and remind you how to connect with people.

To remind you we are all on the same journey and going after the same thing.

Finding ourselves while wholeheartedly and unapologetically living out our truth.

culture fuzz

All this is done through videos, blog articles, interviews, book recommendations, product/ service reviews and any other avenues I might develop along our journey that will help me bridge the gap to your awareness.

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