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Financial intelligence and financial freedom are two things that take time to understand and acquire, let alone master and that’s why over here at Culture Fuzz we will always jump at the chance to Bridge the Gap to tools that will help make your journey to financial freedom that more convenient.

What is Financial Freedom & Financial Intelligence?

Financial freedom is just that, being free of any stress or worry about money.

Being able to take that 3 week vacation without a single hesitation or obtaining the ultimate level of financial freedom, everything on autopay.

Financial intelligence is acquiring the knowledge and expertise that makes financial freedom obtainable. 

There are many platforms like that do an amazing job in breaking down all the intimidating lingo and terminology that makes it difficult in understanding where to even start or what questions to even ask.

One of those platforms is Loving Future Me.

Previously featured on CF, they helped us know what was important about our finances and how to set ourselves up for retirement.

As great as the financial education tools are ,what are some actual tools that will help us execute on these money endeavors towards a new life?

The Calculator

When thinking of a ‘calculator’ what may come to mind is the good ol’ phone application or that big plastic block parents were forced to purchase for Algebra class.

You may have been blessed enough to experience the era of the very infamous and very mandatory scientific calculator.

There was once a time when students were forced to purchase this calculator or else it was an automatic fail or a big chunk taken from the overall grade.

Feel blessed Gen Z. 

Personally, I’m still waiting for a real life situation where I whip out one of these bad boys at the checkout stand to solve linear, quadratic and polynomial systems and when that day comes, I still won’t be ready.

Think about it, there are calculators to add, subtract and even create diagrams.

But what about calculators that will actually serve a purpose in everyday life?

How is it that schools press us to learn Algebra but not what a routing number is or how to write a check?

How is it that kids had to know what ax2 + bx + c equated too but can’t even grasp the concept of budgeting or saving?

It’s still baffling at how ill equipped our institutions leave us but luckily there are financial pioneers out there that who want to see that change.

The conversation around finances has grown immensely with more platforms being developed to meet the needs of this growing niche.

One of those platforms has fully dedicated themselves to generating calculators.

Not the archaic calculators but actual number crunchers that can help map out budget planning, opportunity costs, savings goals, a required lump sum and even college education savings plans.

Pigly Calculators

Stumbling across was a Godsend. provides the very calculators that contribute to the much sought after life of financial freedom.

The list of calculators available on their website is endless and what’s even better they’re 100% free to use. is making the life towards financial freedom that much easier by developing calculators like:

  • Budget Calculators
  • Savings Calculators
  • Investment Calculators
  • Retirement Calculators
  • Loan Calculators
  • Credit Card Calculators
  • Debt Calculators
  • Automotive Calculators
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Business Calculators

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are plans to release 50 more calculators.

Pigly also invites its users to request a custom calculator for them to create.

All you have to do is shoot an email to [email protected] using the subject line PIGLY CUSTOM CALCULATOR REQUEST. (Did I already mention all of this is free?)

Budgeting for a new car? They have a calculator for that.

Want to map out your auto loan while also figuring out the difference between leasing or buying?

You damn straight they have calculators for both of those.

Obtaining the Life you Want 

Financial freedom is something everyone wants but not everyone is willing to make the sacrifices to get it.

Culture Fuzz always Bridges the Gap to tools and platforms that make the journey toward financial freedom a tad bit easier.

It’s still up to you to do the work and ask the right questions that line up with your goals.

Are you not sure on where to begin? Then make sure you stay tuned while we continue to bridge the gap.

Rissa SoFar
Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar is a lover of building bridges and creating a safe space for people to have important conversations. As the founder and creator of Culture Fuzz, Rissa works to bridge the gap to people, places, products and ideas will surely make a quality difference in your life.

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