Draya Michele and 7 Compelling Reasons To Pay Attention

Whenever you hear the name Draya Michele (born January 23, 1985) you might still make associations to a really beautiful, sexy and outspoken reality star or Chris Browns ex girlfriend, but whenever I hear that name I automatically think ‘Power House’, ‘Entrepreneur’ or ‘Boss Ass Bitch’.

Social media has changed the game on so many life altering levels, with one of them being able to follow someone’s life milestones, popular recipes, fashion trends and even the evolution of a person, company or brand on a very close level.

Watching Draya turn into the business woman that she has become today is truly inspiring. Someone I believe is extremely overlooked and incredibly underrated.

Now, if you ready any books like, Think and Grow Rich or Rich Dad Poor Dad it’s understood that in order to become part of the millionaire’s club it’s highly advised to create and maintain multiple streams of revenue that generate a passive income.

Kinda like Monopoly.

I guess Hasbro had a method to their madness there…

People are beginning to take notice of her boss babe business moves and her overall evolution as a woman. We are all saying the same thing.

You fucking go girl.

I’m also here to give y’all 10 reasons why this beauty with brains is worth paying attention to.

Like, DO NOT SLEEP on her!

Make sure you read to the bottom for some bonus content!

  1. She Understands How to Invest

Being a part of the freshman cast on ‘Basketball Wives LA’ in 2011‘, it seemed as if Draya understood early on the reality show life wasn’t the end-all-be-all.

She made her debut to the world, collected her TV pay and made her first large investment that would eventually snowball into a fashion empire and turn her into the self made millionaire that she is today.

In 2011, with only $12,000, Mint Swim was born.

Mint Swim has been a lot of fun to watch blossom into an empire. There are a lot of notes to be taken from her ‘all shapes and sizes inclusive’ swim suit line.

Like the line making it’s NYFW (New York Fashion Week) debut this past February of 2018.

*Taking notes*

With the beauty industry only just now recognizing the large percentage of consumers that women of color make, Draya Michele was satisfying this niche and blazing the trail far before larger beauty brands saw the dollar signs.

2. She Owns and Operates 3 Different Companies (That we know of…)

Mint Swim which launched in 2011.

Fine Ass Girls launching in 2013.

Beige & Coco recently launching in November of 2016.


The bathing suit line that started it all and is now a multi-million dollar company.

A beautiful, stylish, chic, all-inclusive brand that caters to a the percentage of women that have been ignored ad neglected for so long.

Ranging from all colors, shapes and sizes I have yet to see anything she’s designed that I don’t like.

Not exaggerating.


Fine ass girls gives us a whole lot of casual sexy realness.

Incorporating a lot of comfy spaghetti strap tanks, boyfriend underwear and sweats there’s an essence of lounge-wear-chicness that looks like it can be dressed up or down depending on how you approach it.

Need to run to the grocery store really quick before the club or fun dinner with friends? Don’t trip throw on one of these fly ass looking matching sets to grab yo chaser and Hennessy then toss on your cutest heels in the car.

Voila. Fashion chic convenience.


Beige & Coco is meant for the modern woman who is extremely comfortable in her own skin and is looking for versatile pieces that can mix n’ match easily from casual day|work attire to evening realness.

A little bit more upscale of a line that really shows off Draya’s flare and eye for design.

Aside from these 3 companies, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was cooking up some other Monopoly moves.

3. She Made it Into Forbes Magazine

No, she didn’t make the cover.


But in my book, if Forbes recognizes you in any way shape or form, you are doing something insanely right.

I sure as hell haven’t made it into Forbes so you bet your candy ass I’m paying attention to what this boss babe entrepreneur is doing.

Her Forbes debut was to announce her brick-and-mortar venture for Mint Swim.

Not sure when and where but if it’s local. I’m there.

It’s an interesting move, given the era of brick-and-mortar are dying but I’m interested so see her approach as she has an extremely potent online following that might turn into an easy foot traffic conversion.


*Taking notes

4. She’s an Actress & Producer

Making her acting debut in 2015 on TV One’s “Will to Love” opposite Keshia Knight-Pulliam and Marques Houston, and more recently having a supporting role in “The Perfect Match” opposite Terrence Jenkins and Paula Patton.

She’s also producing scripted and improved TV|Social Media content under her and manager Max Gousse’s, Speed Limit banner.

This past June she starred in “We Belong Together” a BET original. Written by Marques Houston and directed by Chris Stokes.

She’s gonna need a hat rack for all the boss ass bitch hats she’s putting on.

5. She’s Philanthropic As F#$!

Another millionaire mindset that Draya portrays are her philanthropic contributions to her community and schools.

She volunteers and has donated to Optimal Christian Academy in Compton to help rebuild their playground.

She also supports the charity, Headbands for Hope.

And most recently having a day proclaimed in her name.

Yes. You read that correctly.

Again, I stress. Do not sleep on Draya.

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 is now known as “Draya Michele Day” by South Shore International College Prep High School in Chicago all the while participating as the ‘honorary teacher of the day.’

And I had to peel myself off the couch to work on this post today. (For shaaaaammee!)

6. She’s Loving Mother of Two Kids

Okay, I am by no means comparing children to puppies but I don’t have children and a puppy is the only frame of reference that even comes remotely close to a living breathing thing that requires an insane amount of selfless love and attention.

To be as busy and ambitious as she is, you throw two kids into the mix causes me to be in awe.

I already have an tremendously out-of-this-world level of respect for mothers period, so to see any woman be able to devote time and emotion into both their business and their family (all the while looking flawless might I add) deserves all of our upmost admiration and recognition.

Seriously, how is there NOT more content written about this woman?!

7. She’s All About Body Positivity and Self Acceptance

This should be of no surprise since she has an ‘all-inclusive’ swimsuit line but it’s always a breath of fresh air when someone as beautiful as Draya makes it known that the industry can create false expectations and negative views when it comes to the reality of the human body.

In 2017 Draya unapologetically posted  a close up of her tiger stripes (aka stretch marks) bringing

the notion to light that all women have these and we are still beautiful regardless.

We need more content that talks about Dray Michele as a business woman and not just a sex symbol. To Me she exemplifies someone who is raw, real, open and goes after what she wants in the smartest and most strategical ways.

BONUS: Interview With Draya not Getting Nearly Enough Attention As it Should


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