Edibles, Weed Chocolate Fountains and The Minx

Kristine Zlokovich
Stonedar & The Minx Handcrafted Edibles
Oxnard, California

Meet Kristine Zlokovich.

Also known as “The Minx”, a nickname lovingly coined by her mother for being mischievous child growing up.

Kristine is the co-owner and minx-y other half to the marijuana edible delivery service Stonedar & The Minx Handcrafted Edibles.

Based out of Oxnard California and founded in 2018, this marijuana edible business is one of those charming weed brands that can’t be found on Weedmaps.

The Beginning – The Bud of Handcrafted Edibles

Growing up, Kristine and her family moved a few times, residing in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a couple of years before moving back to California in 2008.

Now attending Cal State University of Channel Islands to pursue a degree in Business Marketing, Stonedar & The Minx Handcrafted Edibles have been evolving the approach and the science of marijuana edibles while also looking to take over the world.

Minx has always had a true passion and talent for baking.

“It allows me to express my love and creativity to others,” she tells Culture Fuzz.

“The fact that I can bring joy to people’s lives by having them taste the love I put into my baking makes me feel like this is the purpose of my life.”

Between 2016-2017 she began showing up to local hip hop shows like The Cannabis Seshes with her partner Aaron aka “Stonedar”.

“We started making friends with some of the show vendors and creators when one day, we were given the opportunity to have our own booth at The Gutted Cigar Show in Oxnard, California,” Kristine described.

“We Didn’t know what to expect and just went for it.”


Thus, the ultimate stoner idea was born, the medicated fondue fountain.

This magically medicated fondue fountain received a lot of great feedback and encouraged Kristine and Aaron to keep on grinding.

Stonedar & The Minx Handcrafted Edibles: Marijuana Edible Business

Based in Oxnard California, Stonedar & The Minx Handcrafted Edibles was founded in 2018.

“We supply high quality products at a good price,” Kristine tells Culture Fuzz.

They recently launched a local subscription service offering a variety of options like their increasingly popular mushroom chocolate bar for a more psychedelic trip and their THC chocolate bar.

Kristine’s handcrafted edible company also offers catering services that include a medicated chocolate fountain for dipping Twinkies, donuts and fruit.

“This is something we’ve built from the ground up and we’re working to turn this into a family legacy,” Kristine explained.

“This is my passion to cater to the needs of the people and it makes me so happy knowing someone enjoyed my products.”

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Currently Stonedar and The Minx are operating everything in-house from baking to packaging with plans to expand into a warehouse and industrial kitchen within the year allowing them to supply to the Southern California dispensaries.

They’re also looking to cultivate a luxury catering experience for weddings and other special occasions.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Building and Marijuana Edible Legacy

Culture Fuzz has interviewed a lot of people and found one major thing in common which is overcoming obstacles and of course we had to know how Kristine overcame them with her business and life partner Aaron.

“Overcoming barriers is the only way our business is still here.”


“Whether something happens unexpectedly or something that has been a recurring issue, we’ve learned over time to set aside our emotions and move with the flow of things,” says Kristine.

“It could be as simple as forgetting about a part of the fountain for an event but thinking quickly on our feet turning it into a fondue dipping station instead.”

The pandemic has also heavily affected the way Stonedar & The Minx do business where they would usually make their revenue through events and delivery services.

Now, due to social distancing they’ve moved towards becoming a local monthly subscription service and rely heavily on social media.

“My advice to someone who gets stuck is to remain calm and remember why you started in the first place,” Kristine brilliantly advises.

“Take a walk to clear your mind and know it’s going to work out, there’s no way to make great gains without taking great chances, so push yourself out of your comfort zone because that’s the only way you’re going to grow.”

Culture Fuzz Remaining Interview Questions

CF: How is your company adding value to people’s lives? What do you want customers to take away from     your company?

Kristine: We want to give our customers not only high-quality products but a high-quality experience that leaves a long lasting impression.

We care about our customers and we show that by matching our values with theirs becoming more sustainable as we continue to evolve. 

CF: Who or what in your life inspires you the most? What’s one thing you learned from that person or situation that you still use to this day?

Kristine: My mom has inspired me to follow my dreams from the moment I could remember. When I was 10 years old I wanted to run my own lemonade stand. 

We’d fill up a table with candy and lemonade and just chill out in the neighborhood selling stuff all day during summer vacation.

We did that for a few years, improving our lemonade stand annually by adding stuff like Big Stick Popsicles to the menu. 

It was because of those moments with my mom that make me enjoy setting up at shows. 

My mom is a wonderful woman, strong, patient, kind, loving and I aspire to be like her every day.

She taught me not to be afraid to try something new and fight for what I believe in.

CF: How are you bridging the gap with what you’re doing? What does Culture Fuzz mean to you?

Kristine: Often marijuana edibles have the stigma of being unpredictable with either being too powerful or feeling nothing at all with no taste. We’re here to provide the community with an effective, delicious product to enjoy and share our story along the way. 

Culture Fuzz means a place for me to come together and cultivate the empowerment of women.

CF: What are three things you discovered about yourself while building your platform?

Kristine: My strength and resilience when it came to bouncing back from hardship have actually surprised me. I can’t stress how important it is to allow things to roll off your back when times get tough. Staying accountable to myself through the journey helps keep me in check.

The third thing is to have patience and trust the method.

CF: Is there anything else we should know about you or your company?

Kristine: One of my favorite things about running our own company is the opportunity for us to travel. We love to travel to new places, we’re like sponges that absorb different cultures and blend theirs with ours. I work as a freelance makeup artist to personally support myself as we continue to grow our business. It makes me feel whole when I make others feel good, whether with my cooking or makeup consultation.

CF: If money and time were not an obstacle, what are two things you have always wanted to do and why?

Kristine:  I’ve always wanted to travel to France and Italy to learn the true way of creating chocolate to enhance our brand even more. It’s on my bucket list waiting to be crossed off.

I’ve always wanted to open a store-front bakery where you walk in and the sweet aromas fill your  nostrils making you automatically hungry.

It will come true one day.

Bridging the Gap

Culture Fuzz would like to thank Kristine for bridging the gap to her marijuana edible company and story.

It’s stories like Kristine’s that keep the team here at Culture Fuzz motivated to keep bridging the gap.

If you would like to follow Kristine and Aaron or inquire about their services give them a shout!

WEBSITE: Instagram Only

EMAIL: [email protected]


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