What to Know About Conquering Fear and Embracing the Unknown

I know what you’re thinking, how do you embrace fear or the unknown?

What doe it mean to conquer this fear of breaking out of your comfort zone and doing something new with pure, genuine effort?

We all know that feeling when being challenged to break through our thresholds of comfort.

You get kind of panicked, anxious, nervous and squeamish.

It’s the same feelings of anxiety and anticipation when clicking to the top of a really steep, exciting, terrifying roller coaster drop.

There’s no turning back now, you signed up for the ride and with each click to the top you’re forced to mentally, spiritually and hopefully physically prepare yourself for what’s on the other side.

You just kind of tense up, close your eyes and pray it would all be over already.

Whether it’s clicking to the top of a roller coaster or diving into life’s unknown,  both situations have a trait that terrifies us all, the unknown.

We don’t know what’s on the other side of the drop and we don’t know what’s going to happen when we take a risk in life, all we can do is have faith and be prepared.

Humans are creatures of habit who enjoy being in control.

The moment the reigns to this beautiful crazy beast called life have been taken, we panic.

The feeling of not having any control can cause a lot of us to retreat to the confines of what’s safe and familiar to us.

To stop that way of thinking is extremely difficult to do but  possible.

Where do you think the term “Fear of Success” comes from?

We ultimately fear what we cannot see or don’t understand.

A roller-coaster can still be fun when the faith that everything will be okay is adopted and just enjoying the ride.

So why can’t we apply that to our everyday life?

If you’re capable of learning to love roller coasters, then you’re damn sure able to do the same with getting past your fear.

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No one ever got anywhere by playing it safe or not wanting to make a fuss.

Game changers put themselves out there!

Yes, life is not as simple as a roller-coaster but you can take the same approach when you find yourself in front of your fear again.

Don’t you want to see what you’ve been put on this earth for?

What’s the absolute best version of yourself? What does that look like?

The only way to even begin tapping into that part of yourself is to start saying yes.

Say yes to fear.

Say yes to new experiences and leave your comfort zone more often.

You will learn to enjoy the thrill of unknown.

What’s even better is actually allowing yourself to grow.

Spirituality, mentally and universally.

What’s the worst that can happen? You fail? Why is failing bad?

All that means is that you tried something new and your adding wisdom notches to your belt of life.

Learn to love the fear of trying new things like you enjoy getting tattoos, or sky diving, or first kisses.

Oh the things you will learn about yourself will amaze you. Tap into your superpowers and explore your world.

Rissa SoFar
Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar is a lover of building bridges and creating a safe space for people to have important conversations. As the founder and creator of Culture Fuzz, Rissa works to bridge the gap to people, places, products and ideas will surely make a quality difference in your life.

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