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Jazmine Davis
Jazina’s Creations
Founder | CEO
Charlotte, NC

Say Hello to Culture Fuzz Creator Spotlight feature, Jazmine.

A wife to an amazing and supportive husband, mother to a beautiful little girl, a momtrepreneur and the founder of a growing bakery delivery company called Jazina’s Creations.

Jazina’s Creations is an online bakery based out of Charlotte, NC specializing in cupcakes, cake pops, balloon garlands, cookies, dessert tables, custom cakes and desserts.

Don’t worry vegan readers, Jazina’s Creations also offers vegan and gluten free options delivering locally and shipping nationwide.

No need to Google ‘a bakery near me’ when desserts as delectable as Jazina’s Creations are able to ship straight to your door even if your across the nation.

“We believe there is nothing else in the world that brings people together like the sweet taste of desserts.”

Jazmine Davis
online bakery

Bakery Story

Jazmine first founded her virtual bakery shop in September of 2015 calling it Jazzy Cakes.

“I always knew that wouldn’t be the final name”, Jazmine explained to Culture Fuzz.

“Sitting down one day actually planning and writing out other names for my business, Jazina came to me. Out of all the names that one stood out.”

Jazmine was in college when she first started Jazina’s Creations and like most new business owners she was hesitant.

“I felt like I didn’t have everything I needed to effectively start my business so that stopped me from doing anything for years,” Jazmine told Culture Fuzz.

Realizing that she just had to work with what she had at the time, Jazmine put her best foot forward and took the entrepreneurial jump.

“I would always be waiting for the perfect time which of course does not exist.” said Jazmine.

“When everything else is running low it is my faith that keeps me going”

Jazmine Davis

 Why Baking?

Jazmine grew up in a big family and the oldest of 6 girls which meant she was in the kitchen helping out A LOT.

“I enjoyed cooking,”Jazmine clarified.

“But when it came to baking it felt different.”

“If I messed something up, I found myself really caring about fixing it and getting it right, unlike other DIY projects I would do.”

The baking prodigy described to Culture Fuzz how Jazmine loved to do DIY projects growing up and got a lot of joy out of learning how to do something and doing it right.

The only thing was, she would become very disinterested in the project right after completing it.

“I didn’t become disinterested in baking after learning how to do something new. It stuck with me and I often refer to it as my therapy now.

When I’m in the kitchen, it’s as if time stops and nothing else matters. All my focus is on what I’m doing and I get an inner fulfillment out of it.”

This Ain’t Magnolia Bakery

Jazmine’s biggest obstacle when it came to starting her online bakery shop was her journey to self discovery.

“I believe self discovery is multi layered and a never ending process but spending intentional time with God and being responsible for my personal growth is when I was able to truly start my journey” Jazmine described.

online bakery

When it comes to Jazmine’s business her parents really inspire her.

“My mother inspires me when it comes to being a mom, spiritual leader, entrepreneur, a woman of God and wife” Jazmine says.

“Seeing her fearlessness while I was growing up inspires me to keep my faith and keep going.

One thing she taught me that still holds true today is ‘How you do one thing is how you do everything’.”

Jazmine’s father also inspires her.

“My dad would always say this one thing pertaining to entrepreneurship and life, ‘People will forget what you say and how you say it, but they will never forget how you make them feel.’ 

I like to think that’s something I carry with me today and continuously try to incorporate in my business.

Even if that means spending just a little extra time not only making sure I’m creating something delicious for my customers but creating an experience for them as well.”


Culture Fuzz Remaining Interview Questions

CF: Why is your company important to you? What is your WHY? What is the burning motivation that inspires you to work endlessly on your company?

Jazmine: My company is important to me because not only do I have goals and dreams about where I see Jazina’s Creations going but I want other people to know that if I can do it so can they!

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart but it’s so rewarding!

CF: How is your company adding value to people’s lives? What do you want customers to take away from your company? What do you want them to experience?

Jazmine: I want to bring joy and happiness to everyone who tries my desserts. I do a little dance when I eat something really good so I hope the same for my customers!

I also want others to see that it is possible to start and build a business even when you think you don’t have everything you need.

CF: What do we have to look forward to from you and your company? Is there a 5 year plan?

Jazmine: Jazina’s Creations will be getting a storefront in the next five years.

CF: How are you bridging the gap with what you’re doing. What does Culture Fuzz mean to you?

Jazmine: I believe I’m bridging the gap for people to see the “how”. 

Many times you see people at the end of the process and they are talking about how they got there but we never got to see it.

CF: What are 3 things you discovered about yourself while building your platform? Which one of those things surprised you the most and why?

Jazmine: I’ve learned the tremendous amount of perseverance I have and I’m not a perfectionist but I’m pretty close to it.

CF: If money and time were not an obstacle, what are two things you have always wanted to do and why?

Jazmine: I love to travel! I want to stay somewhere with crystal clear water where the houses are in the water.

Bridging the Gap

Culture Fuzz would like to thank Jazmine for bridging the gap to her bakery story.

It’s stories like Jazmine’s that keep the team here at Culture Fuzz motivated to keep bridging the gap.

If you would like to follow Jazmine or inquire about her desserts give her a shout!

WEBSITE: Jazina’s Creations

EMAIL: [email protected]


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