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Stella C. Ayala
Author | Writer | Speaker
Riverside, CA
IG: @scayala1

Meet Stella

Also known by her pen name “SC Ayala”.

In 2011 Stella published an amazing book of poetry titled “Love Sick” by SC Ayala.

Stella is a single mom of 5 great kids ranging from 17 – 29 years old along with 3 “super duper” granddaughters, as she so lovingly describes them.

She’s inspired by her brother and father both named Ruben, and son Jared Nahshon who she describes as resilient and extremely proud of her work.

Her brother once told her,

“Don’t be afraid to share your story. You never know who you will touch or inspire with the impact of your book.”

Stella has been homeless, dealt with illness and divorce eventually finding herself in a very dark place.

She refused to stay there though.

Holding onto the words of her brother and the notion that if she focused on bettering herself, one day she could encourage at least one other person to do the same.

Stella with her son Nahshon (left) and her nephew Ruben Ayala III (right)

Stella began doing the work to pull herself out of her dark place.

Utilizing her resources through holistic health and unwavering faith, she continued to focus on healing and was eventually able to “unstick her once stuck life.”

Stella discovered there is more than one form of love.

Self love being one of them.

I had to go through the fire in order to see and feel the emotions to keep the passion, continuing my course to reach the masses one healing at a time.

SC Ayala

The Idea for Love Sick

Stella was at her daughter’s PTA meeting one day and found herself opening up to the other mothers about the experience she just had with her divorce, the courts and becoming a single mom.

It turned into a good 2 hour conversation.

After hugs, tears and encouragement one of the mothers jokingly said, “you should write a book”.

Stella wasn’t laughing.
SC Ayala

A fire turned on inside of her.

She began gathering all of her writings from years before and worked to not only write her first book but build a name for herself and her business “SC Ayala”.

With continuous support from her family and friends, what was supposed to be Stella’s creative outlet and escape, became healing for her and an inspiration to everyone else.

Love Sick the Book

Stella published a book of poetry meant to show women, and men, that love does exist.

Stella says, “love doesn’t always have to hurt or shatter you”.

“If you find yourself in that place of pain realize you aren’t alone or the only one who’s been through heartbreak.”, she stated.

Stella wants to give a forum to people.

A safe, positive and encouraging place for them to speak on topics like relationships while on their own journey of love.

love sick by sc ayala culture fuzz creator spotlight
Love Sick by SC Ayala
Using her own life experiences Stella wants to make sure people know they can take her stories with them.

She wants her readers to realize someone has survived heartache, divorce and bad relationships.

Stella is using Love Sick as a way to guide her readers forward into making better decisions when it comes to self love and romantic relationships.

“Being love sick doesn’t have to be a negative thing anymore. Embrace the emotions we feel and allow ourselves to heal while having the courage to love in a positive way again.”

SC Ayala

Her Why

Culture Fuzz asked, “Stella what is your ‘why’?

“I AM MY WHY.” she responded.

“I know so many women who are hurting and feeling like there is no hope.
My story and open forum can make a difference for them and encourage people with similar experiences.”

Stella is bringing women together through literature and not setting an age limit on the experience.

She believes love has no limit or age.

We all have been Love Sick, are Love Sick or are done being Love Sick.
Either way I’m going to continue to build a place where they can all move together in perfect positive flowing energies.

SC Ayala

Culture Fuzz Remaining Interview Questions

Culture Fuzz: What are 3 things you discovered about yourself while writing your book? Which one of those things surprised you the most and why?

Stella: I discovered I’m creative, compassionate and motivational.

I think finding out I was motivational surprised me because I was like ‘I’m just me’.

You don’t expect your story to mean anything to anyone until you get that first ‘thank you’ email or that first invitation to speak to kids at a school or women’s conference.

It shocks you that others relate and feel such a deep appreciation for you sharing your story.

I just think it’s the best feeling ever.

Culture Fuzz: If money and time was not an obstacle, what are two things you have always wanted to do and why?

Stella: Wow! I would open up my own center where I could hold conferences and workshops to help those with their journey through the process of life after love, during love and finding love.

To be a resource for people to build self confidence, self esteem and self love.

Bridging the Gap

Culture Fuzz would like to thank Stella for bridging the gap to her vulnerability and journey.

It’s stories like Stella’s that keep the team here at Culture Fuzz motivated to keep briding the gap.

If you would like to follow Stella and purchase her book of poetry, you can find it here:

BOOK: Love Sick by SC Ayala
Rissa SoFar
Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar

Rissa SoFar is a lover of building bridges and creating a safe space for people to have important conversations. As the founder and creator of Culture Fuzz, Rissa works to bridge the gap to people, places, products and ideas will surely make a quality difference in your life.

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