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Meilani Welbeck
Vision Designed | Shameless Magazine
Founder | CEO
San Bernardino, CA

Meet Meilani.

Meilani is a San Bernardino native, a mother, has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and Marketing, loves nachos and all things comedy.

In 2011, Meilani founded her graphic design company Vision Designed (formerly known as ‘Nani’s Designs’).

Not too long after finding her graphic design company, in 2015 she created and founded the digital publication, Shameless Magazine.

Culture Fuzz was blessed enough to cross virtual paths with her while networking on Facebook and instantly loved everything about Meilani.

It was also clear she was working on something big.

We just didn’t know how big.

Then one day, BAM!

Meilani dropped the cover to her digital publication Shameless Magazine.

meilani welbeck shameless magazine meagan good
Meagan Good for Shameless Magazine

Meilani meant business and Shameless Magazine was playing no games by having an A-list celebrity like Meagan Good on their very first issue.

“God began to show me my gift was more than just a business and realized what I was doing was bigger than myself.”

Meilani Welbeck

So, how does someone like Meilani go from designing business cards to creating an entire digital publication with an A-list celebrity on the cover?

You already know the Culture Fuzz Team had to bridge the gap to Meilani’s story.

The Idea for ‘Vision Designed’ & Shameless Magazine

Meilani studied design while owning a graphic design business (‘Nani Designs’) since 2011 allowing her to continuously sharpen her craft.

By creating business cards, flyers, books, brochures, branding and the like, her skills only strengthened and her appetite for larger projects with more purpose began to grow.

During her senior year of college in 2015, Melanie and her class were given an assignment; part of it being to come up with a name for a business.

Knowing her business ‘Nani Designs’ was ready for an evolution, she used the assignment as an opportunity to come up with the name ‘Vision Designed.’

“The name came from what I was always telling my clients. We design the exact vision God puts in your head. We literally design VISION!”.

Meilani Welbeck

Her appetite for more substantial work still hadn’t gone away.

A friend of hers reached out one day wanting Meilani to design a portfolio for her.

Meilani suggested creating a full blown magazine instead.

“After I finished hers, another person wanted me to design a digital magazine for them and then another, eventually realizing I wanted to create my own.”, stated Meilani.

The ‘Why’ for Shameless Magazine

Meilani wrote to Culture Fuzz how every investment and prayer she makes all boils down to one thing.

Legacy for her and for her son.

“A lot of parents tell their kids to follow their dreams.

Unless you do it yourself, it can be very difficult to help someone do that.

I know when my son gets older he’ll eventually tell me “Mom, I want to be a dancer or an artist”.

Me saying ‘follow your dreams’ would mean more if I took that same advice.

At the end of the day, I need to leave something behind for my kids and grandkids. I need to leave this earth knowing I left IT ALL HERE. Everything God asked me to do, I did.”, Meilani said.

Meilani describes how Shameless Magazine was created as an outlet for believers in Christ and for them to share their stories of testimony.

“I wanted the magazine to literally be a book of wisdom and inspiration while motivating people to grow in their faith.”, she stated.

“Our main goal is to always push the goodness of God and encourage transparent, open and honest relationships with HIM. That’s the assignment of the magazine.”

Meilani Welbeck

What’s Next for Shameless Magazine?

Meilani says she’s already working on the second issue of Shameless Magazine, ‘The Relationship Issue’ on track to be released July of 2020.

We can’t wait to see who’s featured in the upcoming issue.

Culture Fuzz asked Meilani what ‘bridging the gap’ meant to her,

“I believe I’m bridging the gap between the known, the unknown, the rich, the poor and Hollywood to the rest of the world”, says Meilani.

She believes in God’s Kingdom, everyone is equal.

Shameless Magazine is leveling out the playing field when it comes to who is ‘important’.

Culture Fuzz Remaining Interview Questions

Culture Fuzz: What are 2 things you discovered about yourself while creating Shameless Magazine?


  1. I am driven by growth and not being able to provide for my child like I should. It shocked me. I felt like a bad parent when I realized I was in this for growth and not provision.
  2. When God says something is then it simply is! I learned that I really do hear from God and it still blows my mind how He talks to me.
Culture Fuzz: Can you describe a time your faith was tested when trying to launch Shameless Magazine?

Meilani: Man! My faith has been continuously tested for YEARS while putting together this magazine.

The first time I REALLY got tested was when God told me He was going to put Meagan Good on the cover.

At the time I was only 22 years old and didn’t believe that could ever happen. I didn’t know a single celebrity and never even been to Hollywood.

I didn’t know HOW it was going to happen but I knew if God said it would happen, then it would.

That let me know, until she graced the cover, the magazine was not to be released.

This took a tremendous amount of patience and faith.

Culture Fuzz: How did the opportunity to have Meagan Good on the cover happen?


Four years after God told me Meagan Good was going to be on the cover I actually met her through my husband.

When we first started dating, I trusted him enough to tell him about my digital magazine and who I wanted on the cover.

Turns out he was already extremely close with Meagan Good’s husband Devon Franklin which made them like family.

He wanted to introduce us and I was like,

“NO! Then it’ll look like I’m using you for them. I don’t want to meet her like that.”

So, I waited.

I went to Oasis Church where Devon was preaching and my husband told me, “Hey Meagan is here, do you want me to introduce you?”

We go into the green room to meet her and she ends up asking me what I do, I modestly told her I was a graphic designer and my husband says,

“Yea and she’s working on her own magazine!”

Meagan looked into my eyes and said, “what kind of magazine is it“?

Phew! I almost cried!

Needless to say, from there we connected and brought forth Shameless!

Meagan Good for Shameless Magazine
Culture Fuzz: What was it like working with Meagan Good?

Meilani: Meagan is the SWEETEST person ever!

Meagan is who she says she is and it makes perfect sense why God had called her name out to me 5 years prior.

He knew her heart and her character. She exemplifies what it truly meant to be Shameless.

Meagan showed up to this magazine like she would if it was ESSENCE or PEOPLE.

She respected my vision and took it seriously.

She’s like a big sister to me.

I will forever be grateful for her in my life.

Culture Fuzz: What advice would you give to anyone starting a digital magazine?

Meilani: Pray about what you’re supposed to do.

It makes no sense pouring prayers, time and effort into something that God never commissioned in the first place.

Be patient and in the meantime build yourself.

It makes no sense to pray for a BIG VISION but you aren’t strong enough to hold it up.

Work on yourself, heal, grow.

It’s the best thing you can do for your vision.

Bridging the Gap

Culture Fuzz would like to thank Meilani for bridging the gap to her vulnerability and journey.

It’s stories like Meilani’s that keep the team here at Culture Fuzz motivated to keep bridging the gap.

If you would like to follow Meilani or inquire about her magazine and marketing services give her a shout!

WEBSITE: Shameless Magazine
EMAIL: [email protected]
INSTAGRAM: @ShamelessMagazine
FACEBOOK: Shameless Magazine

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