What No One Tells You About the 3 Must Try Restaurants In Toronto Ontario

The city of Toronto, Ontario is known for a lot of things. 

Believe it or not Drake isn’t the only good thing that’s come from our neighbors up North.

toronto ontario restuarants
Drake being the philanthropist he is…

It’s also the home of 13-time Stanley Cup-winning hockey team the Maple Leafs.

Toronto, Ontario has the iconic CN Tower, and the world-famous amusement park Canada’s Wonderland.

At Culture Fuzz you already know we like to bridge the gap to not only people, places, products and ideas but food as well!

For us, it’s the restaurant scene that stands out above all others when it comes to the attractions of this city. 

Toronto Ontario’s cuisine runs the gamut from local favorites to international specialties to hip, modern takes on classic comfort food. 

It’s enough to motivate hungry tourists to buy up some real estate in Toronto for themselves.

Whether you’re planning to settle down there or stop by for a quick visit, here are three of the very best restaurants you need to try the next time you’re in Toronto Ontario.

1) Richmond Station

In the mood for simple, rustic flavors elevated by perfect execution and a few innovative twists? 

Richmond Station in downtown Toronto has you covered. 

Top Chef Canada winner Carl Heinrich took his winnings from the show and opened the now well known cozy, neighborhood eatery.

Toronto Ontario restaurants culture fuzz
Top Chef Canada winner Carl Heinrich in front of his restaurant Richmond Station

The real grand prize here is their menu though.

Here you’ll find everything from cheeseburgers to pierogis to hummus.

The absolute must-try-signature dishes include heaping charcuterie boards, maple-cured trout, and Peking duck pancakes! 

Toronto Ontario restaurants
Charcuterie Board
Maple Cured Trout

Specials change daily and can be seen scrawled on an old-timey chalkboard that adds a touch of down-home hospitality to Richmond Station’s relatively unadorned bar and dining room.

2) Fat Pasha

From the familiar to the foreign, but no less flavorful, Fat Pasha in The Annex is a top-notch take on Middle Eastern cuisine of all kinds.

Most notably Israeli and Sephardic. 

Psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll posters provide a fun, funky background as you explore the international flavors of Fat Pasha’s menu.

From salmon pastrami and caviar-topped latkes fried in duck fat to za’atar butter flank steak.

Don’t forget the  whole roasted cauliflower stuffed with tahini and halloumi, and mouth-watering shawarma.

As decadent and filling as all that sounds, much of Fat Pasha’s fare is surprisingly healthy. 

Many of the dishes come in large, shareable portions so you and your fellow foodies can try a variety of the unique dishes. 

Don’t leave without taking a picture of the sprawling Arabic wall mural or that jumbo-sized hookah, though. 

They need to be seen to be believed.

3) Figures

Instead of murals you’re looking for a restaurant with a very different taste in artwork. 

Say, perhaps, superheroes? 

A kitschy celebration of all things geek/chic, the Yorkville-located Figures is unassuming on the outside but positively bursting with pop art awesomeness on the inside. 

Dining inside the Figures restaurant

Comic book pages line the walls and vintage toys are both on display and for sale. 

Collectors, take note!

Save some money for dinner, though, because Figures’ culinary creativity is its most formidable mutant power. 

Check out the crab cake-topped seafood salad with red beet puree and the Guinness-braised lamb shank with corn foam. 

Last but not least, don’t overlook their one-of-a-kind take on the retro TV dinner: 

Buttermilk fried chicken with taleggio whipped Yukon potatoes, served on a colorful food tray just like the one when you were a kid.

Toronto 3 restaurants
Buttermilk fried chicken with taleggio whipped Yukon potatoes

Woo! I’m ready for a nap.

Other Restaurants in Toronto Canada

Are there some ‘must-try’ restaurants that you didn’t see mentioned?

Well, Culture Fuzz continuously invites our readers to bridge the gap to their favorite food places whether local or overseas.

Just shoot an email on over to [email protected]

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